Whip Up your Kitchen with the Right Adornment- Cooktops

Cooktop is regarded as the heart of the kitchen, home to an array of delicious creation. Cooking gas stove is a culinary sign of competence which is cherished from centuries but has no replacement. With the change in techniques and development in equipment generation, the traditional cooking gas stove has attained a ‘new avatar’ i.e. the all new improved cooktop. Not only do cooktops add elegance to one’s kitchen but makes cooking easier, efficient and provides freedom of space. Several questions pop up when one thinks of choosing a cooktop – what is the advantage of cooktops versus the traditional range, in what sizes will the cooktop be available, installation procedure and so on and so forth. Glen Appliances provides a solution to all problems by providing a wide range of Glass Cooktops to choose from. Cooktops used in conjunction with toughened glass creates a visually attractive assemble. Truly a result of innovation, Glen Cooktops come in all sizes with high energy burner, one touch auto ignition, perfect flame control, no sim offs providing all user friendly controls.

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The Glass Cooktop is easy to clean and resistant to scratches, stains. To add on, the stainless steel provides a rust proof experience and longer life. To ensure the liberty of usage while cooking, the Glass Cooktop is designed to be spacious which can accommodate various sized vessels and pans with the wide space between burners. The burners are integrated and offer convenient burner access. The knobs operate smoothly and provide auto ignition. Keeping in mind customer usage, Glen has created series of Glass Cooktops as follows

 Gas Stove GL 1048 GT AI

GL 1048 GT AI– Created with 8mm thick toughened glass with Rich Matt Steel body and 4.0 mm thick MS Pan Support provides maximum vessel space with most convenient burner access. It has multi spark auto ignition with four aluminum alloy burners.

GL 1038 GT AI – The all new cooktop created with 8mm toughened glass, 4mm thick pan support, and Matt SS drip tray. It has multi spark auto ignition with three aluminum alloy burners with the widest difference of 300mm, providing maximum vessel space in any cooktop in India.


GL 1032 GT AI – Created with 8mm thick toughened glass, 4mm thick pan support, looks elegant with Rich Matt steel body. It has multi spark auto ignition with three aluminum alloy burners.


GL 1042 GT AI – Created with 8mm toughened glass and 4mm thick extra strong pan support contains multi auto spark with four aluminum alloy burners.

 Gas stove GL 1032 GT AI

GL 1022 GT  – With 8mm thick toughened glass, is a spacious cooktop with multi spark auto ignition and 4mm thick extra pan support. Have two aluminum alloy burners.


GL 1043 GT – With toughened Glass top and Rich Matt steel body this cooktop has a stainless steel dip tray alongside thick pan support. It contains four aluminum alloy burners


GL 1036 GT AI – Its  international rounded corners lend a soft look to this 8mm thick toughened glass cooktop,  has a 4mm thick pan support along with Matt steel drip tray, has multi spark auto ignition and contains three aluminum alloy burners.

gas stove GL 1046 GT AI 

GL 1046 GT AI – This model comes with soft rounded corners and is made of 8mm thick toughened glass and contains matt steel drip tray and matt steel body. Provides multi spark auto ignition and has four aluminum alloy burners.


The above mentioned Cooktop range shows Glen’s multidimensional manufacture. One can buy Cooktops from the nearest dealers, our stores or buy Glass Cooktops online from our website which offers convenient buying options and delivery.


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