Top 10 Reasons to Love Steamed Food

Eating healthy is part of healthy living but cooking wisely is also part of the equation. Steam cooking is an age old yet extremely healthy way of cooking. Here we list the top 10 reasons why you should adopt steam cooking

1. No loss of valuable vitamins, nutrients and minerals

2. Retains moisture and freshness

3. Keeps food natural flavors and vibrant colors

4. Makes food tender and easily digestible by softening fibres

5. No need cooking oil or fat, resulting in light and healthy meals

6. Cooks almost all kinds of food from vegetables to meats to seafood to fruits and pasta

7. Can cooks a complete meal in just under 30 minutes –  fast and easy

8. Cooks over a single heat source a load of different layers of food stacked one on top of the other – saves time, energy and money

9.  No oil, no smoke, no mess – cleaning up is easy. Keeps your kitchen clean

10. Loads of recipes for delicious and nutritious steamed dishes

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