Things to Comprehend Before Choosing the Right Kitchen Star

In this ever changing, high tech world where a modular kitchen is an absolute necessity and status quo, Kitchen Chimney is a must. Not only does a Chimney add glamour to your kitchen but is an essential part and the best way to keep your kitchen free of oil soot and dirt. India being a land of spices, we like experimenting with our food which involves use of lot of oil, herbs, masala and tadka which results in oily fumes and a stained and grubby kitchen.

Before buying a Chimney, one needs to understand and apprehend few points:
● Keeping in mind the size of the family – this would help one determine the type and size of chimney to be brought.
● Kitchen style – these days we see a wide variety of kitchen spaces and this factor also governs in bringing home the right chimney.
● Budget
● Usage – keeping in mind the suction power, hob lights, filters, quality of motor, type of controls etc.

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Keeping in mind the above factors, Glen India, a leading Chimney manufacturer, provides a wide range of chimney’s catering to the needs and requirements of its valuable customers. Glen, as rightly said is the pulse of modern kitchen which provides custom made varieties promising a delectable delight. In accordance with the latest trends, Glen has come up with the following chimney’s that add a charming mystique to your kitchen –

1. Island Chimney
An exclusive range of Island Chimney hoods designed to enhance your modular kitchen, made out of best quality brush steel and glass. A designer chimney of its kind, has dirt resistant surface and ergonomic style, which makes it perform in the longer run. The LED lights ensure dazzling illumination and ensures low power requirement. To add on to the already mentioned features, the soft touch electronic push button yields three convenient exhaust speeds and operates the LED lights. The most significant feature is the Auto switch off timer which when used switches off chimney after five minutes so you can cook and while leaving the kitchen press the timer and the chimney will switch off automatically after 5 minutes. Its fitted with Pressure Die Cast Aluminum (PDCA) housing which magnifies the durability of Italian motor which in turn helps resisting grease and dirt deposits. With this masterpiece, Glen offers you noise free and healthy cooking.

2. Split Chimney
If you like the sounds involved in cooking i.e. chopping, sizzling, thwacking etc then Spilt chimney is your tailor-made choice with its unique indoor and outdoor unit which helps in noise reduction and shaping your cooking experience. The Split Chimney from Glen doubles as a marvel with its toughened glass and elegant curve design which offers additional coverage when one fries or tempers a garnish. This Chimney is a state of art electric kitchen chimney with three speed push buttons which allow switching between exhaustion speeds and has a stylish mounted kitchen hood which appears sophisticated and compact leading to a world class experience.

3. Designer Hoods
Made with high end glass and matt finish steel, this chimney from Glen adds to the debonair decor of your kitchen. Its Baffle filter provides a dynamic airflow system which helps in reducing power consumption and ensures hygienic cooking. Designer Hoods accentuate the modern functionality of kitchen space and ensures easy cleaning. The soft touch electronic control push button and the PDCA (pressure die-cast aluminum) add paramount significance. Its features make it worth the price one spends on it.

4. Straight Line Chimney
With Flat Top Push button and Matt finish steel make, this chimney comes with Bio rotational technology which offers powerful suction and efficiency. The thermal overload protector prevents motor burnout and the chimney housing consists of flame retardant plastics. It’s a stainless steel chimney equipped with a Baffle filter which makes cleaning an effortless job. To add on further, it has options of sliding and push button controls which makes it convenient to use.

Glen Chimneys are best kitchen chimneys in India, standing apart, adding style and alleviating your cooking experience. One can buy chimney from the nearest dealer, our exclusive galleries, or shop online from our website which offers convenient online shopping and delivery options with secure payments. With growing network of service centers, Glen India provides quality experience with chimneys accompanied by pre and post installation support. Glen helps you add elegance to your kitchen and assists in finding your right Kitchen Star.

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