Spread the warmth of your love with Glen Oil Filled Radiator Heater

With winters approaching we all want a tender care for our loved ones and guard them from any chance of getting cold. So be it preparing a hot cup of tea, making sumptuous soups or knitting sweaters, all of these give us an immense pleasure of protecting and loving our dear ones even more.


The idea of enjoying a perfect winter can be more comforting with an efficient room heater. Relish the coziness and protect your family from the harsh effect of winters, with the warmth of Glen Oil Filled Radiator Heater. The product has exquisite features as an oil filled heater is comparatively more reliable and effective than your old usual room heater. The Glen oil radiator heater emits heat uniformly in all directions and doesn’t produce any kind of noise. Unlike halogen heaters, Glen Oil Filled Heater does not have an element which can over heat, which makes it much less of a fire hazard. It also has an advantage over gas units as it can be utilized effectively without worrying as much about ventilation and losing heat. Thus Glen Oil heater is a safer option as it is not sweltering hot, also there’s no exposed flame. So, now your kids can have a peaceful sleep and you can also worry less since they have a shield to winters. Bring home a reliable, long lasting and a compact heating appliance from Glen as it features:

Stylish Design

It’s sleek design and elegant finish gives you enough space to add this stylish asset to your room or office. The inbuilt handle and attached castor wheels makes it more convenient as you can move it easily to the desired space.

Cost Effective

As a perfect homemaker always looks for value for money. Oil by nature retains heat for a long time, it takes time to heat up, and then takes a long time to lose its heat. This makes it a constant and reliable source for all kinds of applications. Significantly less energy is needed to run an oil radiator than to run other alternatives. Once the oil is hot, not much energy is needed to sustain the heat and the radiator continues to run with high-efficiency. This will prove very useful in lowering anyone’s monthly energy bill. This also continues heating after being turned off which makes it more efficacious.

No Harmful Effects

As Glen Oil Radiator Heater doesn’t heat directly it doesn’t burn the precious oxygen in the room and also keeps the air healthy for normal breathing. The heater causes no dryness, burns no oxygen, creates no suffocation and thus maintains a comfortable room temperature. Thus you can relax and breathe in the normal room temperature, without feeling uneasy.

How this works?


The oil filled heater, uses a cycle of oil which acts as a heating reservoir to keep the fins heated. The specially engineered fins maximize the heat flow but keep a low surface temperature. Once the element is heated, the hot oil circulates through the fins in a continuous cycle, keeping them warm and providing constant heat to the room. This heats a room more efficiently and consistently than electric heaters. As the oil heats the fins and the fins transfer the heat by radiation to the air the room gets heated and remains warm.

Turbo PTC Heater

Want more efficient & immediate results? Don’t worry as Glen Oil Filled Radiator heater has been designed to give instant heat, with the help of a Turbo boost PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) Fan heater. For the initial faster heating one can use this heater and then once the desired temperature is achieved the Fan can be switched off.

Glen oil filled radiator heater is an innovative product with just a simple and an effective way to heat your personal space and keep it warm. As this doesn’t dry air, causes no suffocation and doesn’t depletes oxygen you can enjoy winters sound and safe. Not just this, since it doesn’t create noise; your daily activities will never be hurdled and affected. It is compact, easy to operate and when used wisely, the cost savings you enjoy can be substantial in-comparison to the traditional methods. If you want something that can keep you cozy and comfortable without compromising safety, than Glen Oil Filled Radiator Heater would make an excellent choice for this winter. If you have been thinking of winters snuggled of your affection, cost effective and Eco-friendly, take a wise decision as you bring home a perfect way of spreading the warmth of your love.

Technical Features:

  1. Environment Safe Green conducting oil
  2. Thermostat to maintain desired temperature
  3. Overheating Protection Castor wheels & handle for convenient movement
  4. High energy efficiency 3 power setting
  5. 400 W PTC fan heater
  6. Cord Storage

Available in:

  • 9 Fin Model Suitable for room size: Below 150 sq. ft.
  • 11 Fin Model Suitable for room size: 150 to 200 sq. ft.
  • 13 Fin Model Suitable for room size: 200 sq. ft. and above

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