Say good bye to kitchen smoke

No matter how beautiful or elegant your kitchen is, the moment one experiences bad odour, sticky walls or fumes in this part of the household, everything else just vanishes. Kitchen chimneys need a confirmed space in your kitchen area in order to keep the exuberance and cleanliness of the kitchen intact. Technology& Gadgets has taken over the entire mankind and with this, new systems and processes have come up that offers for better functioning appliances. Chimneys of various types with different technology and varied efficiency are available in the market today. GlenIndia too has come up with its innovative range of chimneys that would make you say good bye to kitchen smoke for good. Its variety includes types which are:

  • Island Chimneys
  • Split Chimneys
  • Designer Chimneys
  • Straight Line Chimneys

Today A majority of the people understand that chimneys have its own set of advantages that cannot be replaced by the ordinary exhaust fan or any other exhausting system. Chimneys are exceptional multi-tasking units that help in keeping the kitchen clean and fresh thus making it enjoyable and easier to work in the kitchen. Electric chimneys are indeed wonderful kitchen appliances that help in removing the odour and smoke from the kitchen resulting from the constant cooking and baking activities. All the fumes that is emitted as a result of the Indian curry making system such as putting the masala or curry leaves into steaming hot oil to yield out the maximum taste can be got rid of with the use of chimneys. Indian recipes involve a huge amount of oil and the frying in this oil creates sticky soot that accumulates around the fireplace resulting in the blackening of the area and also emitting a pungent smell. This turns out to be a major problem for the person cooking and in order to avoid all these fumes and smoke, chimney installation is necessary.

The chimneys that come out of the Glen India not only are exceptional in its functioning but also provides for the best decor for the household. The chimneys have been designed and manufactured with the best raw materials available thus making it certified durable items. Apart from its ergonomic designs, it also has all of the required settings such as LED light, intelligent control system with all the right buttons and an Italian motor to give it longevity. Installing the Glen chimneys within the confined area in your kitchen, you entrust it with the responsibility of making the house a smoke and odour free zone and Glen India chimneys definitely will never let you down.

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