Range of Rice Cookers at Glen

range of rice cookers at Glen1Rice cookers have become one of the most on-demand cooking appliances in India. The reason behind it is crystal clear: because rice is the staple food for Indians. No matter what the items are in a meal, rice will be there mandatorily.

From nuclear families to joint families, everyone consumes rice even if by small amounts. This is the reason that rice cooker has come into the scene and Glen plays a major role here by marketing rice cookers of varied sizes and requirements as per your need.

Rice cookers are not solely for the purpose of preparing rice, but is a multiple player, for it can boil vegetables, fish and eggs, prepare steamed items like dumplings and Dhokla and also prepare dessert. It is indeed a very energy and time efficient appliance that has invaded the lives of many people today.

The rice cooker from Glen has been designed with simplicity yet it is inundated with all the modern features. It has:

• A non-stick pan

The pan that is stowed inside the cooker is non-stick to prevent any sticking of the rice, with rimmed edges to prevent the rice from spilling. The pan inside is however removable so that it can be easily washed and cleaned.

• Sleek handles

The handles are very stylish and do not heat up. It is hence very convenient to place the cooker from one place to another and carry it without any trouble.

• Lockable lids

The lids can be locked with just a simple turning click. No pressure needs to be allotted for the tightening of the lids thus making it spill-proof.
• One click switch
Glen has taken special care so as to make their appliance a non-messy and non-complicated affair. Any new user can easily operate the rice cooker and prepare fresh rice for the family. It has just one switch that needs to be flicked in order to start the cooking process and the rest is done by the highly intelligent cooker itself. Further, if the content inside the cooker needs to be warmed it can be done so by toggling to the warm switch. Thus, toggling between the cooking and warming feature is very easy with Glen rice cookers.

• Non-heating cool touch body

The body of the rice cooker does not conduct heat or electricity thus making it a completely safe product. Even during use, the cooker can be mobilised without the fear of getting electric shock.

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