Make sure you have a kitchen resolution for this New Year

With the advent of the New Year, making resolutions seems to be the foremost thing to do. With all the different thoughts and knick knacks lingering in your head, what kind of resolution do you really intend to make? If it is kitchen resolution then why not exchange a few ideas on it and then make it. Making a resolution is definitely the easiest job to do for it is ‘sticking to it’ part that makes it a perilous job indeed. Once you make a resolution, you need to work hard on keeping it and definitely the will power involved in it is truly gargantuan. To make your job a little easier let us today discuss a few kitchen resolutions that one can make and of course, keep it to make a better year and get healthier.
• Get a fresh spice cabinet
One of the most renowned spice companies has declared that the shelf life for a major number of spices is two years and beyond that they begin to lose their essence and aroma. Seasoning blends and other marinades that are used in the kitchen are bought to be used for a longer period of time. However, if you do have some of the spices that have really ruled your cabinet long enough, then now is the time to pop those into your garbage dump and get a set of fresh spices to spread the aroma.
• Experiment and try out new recipes
Why not try out something new that you have never ever attempted before? People often have some ‘spaces’ wherein they are not confident and fear to venture into. Same goes for a cook as well. One may not be comfortable with baking whereas another may never want to try steamed items. So this year explore yourself and give yourself the chance to bring out the hidden chef in you.
• Lower the use of oil
One of the best decisions that you will have made in your entire lifetime is this resolution that you will take. Using less oil can make a huge difference in the health graph of a person and being the cook of the house, you can make the difference for your entire family. To make this job a lot easier there are various ways such as using the oven, air fryer and olive oil.
• Cook the plants!
What better way to start the year than with a lot of greens and plants. Buy them fresh, better yet, grow them in your own garden and have the most organic dishes on your plate. Vegetables and greens have a lot of minerals and a lot less cholesterol that is a major reason for heart diseases. So consuming a lot of these is sure to keep your heart safe and beat more!

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