Make Cooking a Child’s Play with Induction Cooktop

Img Courtsey: builddirect
Img Courtsey: builddirect

The urban kitchens are getting smarter and sorted every day. They are now equipped with appliances and tools which make life convenient and simplified. Whether a homemaker or a working women, with our regular presence in kitchen we all wish cooking to be fun and effortless. But our prolonged exposure to cooking gas and high heating flames makes cooking a strenuous task. Solution to all these unfavorable cooking conditions is an Induction Cooker. It is a powerful cooking medium, just like or even better than gas. Unfold the bigger benefits of cooking on a small but a magical appliance called Induction.

Faster: There is no heat wastage as the energy is supplied directly to the cooking vessel unlike gas or conventional electric cookers where they end up heating your kitchen and you, instead of heating up the food. It has instant & precise heat control, unlike electric cooking where the elements take time to heat and cool, resulting in lack of proper control on the dishes being cooked.

Safer: Once you take the cookware off the hotplate, the device automatically switches to standby mode. High safety as no opens flames, no fire hazards, no gas leakages. The glass top stays cool that means no burnt fingers or hands.

Cleaner:  Space consuming cooktops, make it difficult to clean the food spills. One has to often indulge into heavy cleaning task of rubbing the pan supports and drip trays. An induction being compact and flat bedded is easy to clean with just a sponge wipe. This is ideal for working people, who wish to avoid clutter in kitchen.

Cheaper:  As Induction cooking is faster as compared to Cooking Gas, less energy is consumed for cooking. This not only saves time and energy but is also friendly on your pocket.

The easy to store and easy to manage feature, makes Induction cooker a favorite kitchen appliance. Regular stoves cannot change heat temperatures as quickly as an induction cooktop. Time and heat sensitive dishes can be ruined in a split second if the right temperature is not met. The induction cooktops have a precise temperature setting which allows you to switch from one heat setting to another at specific timeframes. The pre-set memory setting can pull up special cooking times and temperatures for the dishes you cook on a regular basis. So indulge into other chores while milk is boiling, as the auto cut off will not let it spill even if you are not paying attention. This interesting appliance is taking up a valuable space in the kitchens because of its efficient and dynamic usability. Bring home a user friendly appliance, which is an answer to you cooking hassles.

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