Keep your Kids healthy with these healthy juices

Are you often into juicing? Is it something you practice not only in the summers but throughout the whole season? If the answer is no, then it is high time you get into the habit of doing this quite often. Juice can never replace wholesome food because the fiber you intake along with the solid food is extremely necessary for maintaining a healthy diet. However, if we talk about kids, they often refuse to comply with a nutritious diet and have the affinity towards the taste and the ease of consumption of the food items. Herein we would like to mention about Glen’s slow juicer that is a remarkable piece of kitchen appliance helping you pack tons of nutrients into one delicious drinkable treat.  For all those moms out there who have to chase around their kids to push in some amount of nourishment into their child, Glen’s Slow juicer is a boon. The juicer is more of a squeezer rather than a grinder, keeping all of the cellular structure of the fruits and vegetables intact. The mechanism has also been technologically attended to making it a smooth and efficient job. So, let us try out a few healthy juices your kids are sure to love.

Orange Juice

The kind of juice that gives you the pump with all the pulp in it. Add to it a little bit of vanilla essence and it becomes infinitely delicious and at the same time elixir for the body.

Strawberry-coconut Juice

A very odd combination yet this combo can give you the chills in the summers. Kids would love it for the beautiful colour it brings out when coconut white and strawberry red mixes together. Vitamins are extravagantly present in this pink drink.

Cucumber Apple juice

The Green Goddess: that is how it is popularly known. The perfect juice for refreshing and hydrating purpose, you just have to mix cucumber and apple together and serve it chilled or at normal temperature, as per requirement.

Mango milk juice

Who doesn’t love mangoes? The kids especially love to suck and chew on this fruit, irrespective of the season. Mangoes make for amazing juices, shakes and smoothies. Summers are fun only for mangoes, so why not make the most of this fun fruit. Just put it into the slow juicer and relish the heavenly taste of mango mingled with milk.

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