A Juicy Affaire with Glen Slow Juicer

Glen Slow Juicer

“A healthy mind in a healthy body”, is a key to lead much happier life. The health savvy people prefer a strong inclination towards adding health foods in their daily diet. Fresh juices are one such supplement to daily eating habits and are also a perfect combination of taste and nutrients, essential to be fit. Fresh juice is full of anti-oxidants required to boost the body metabolism and improve the digestion. The freshly pressed vegetable juices are highly alkalizing, resulting in improved energy levels, digestion and clearer skin contributing to overall fitness. Juicing is the perfect way to consume the recommended daily serving of vegetables, essential in nutritional diet.

Glen Slow Juicer

For the fine juicing results and rich flavored juices Glen Introduces Slow Juicer, this extracts juice from pulp to the best. Glen Slow Juicer operates via cold press method to produce a superior juice in comparison to normal juicers. In contrast to the rough extraction and high speeds of ordinary juicers, cold press juicers operate at lower speeds and gently compress the fruit and vegetables to ‘squeeze’ out their juice to the best. Slow juicer is a revolutionary appliance that gives you nature fresh juice, squeezed for healthy lifestyle. Have a glass of Wonder Juice Everyday to be Healthy and Fit. Slow Juicer is Health Insurance for the entire family.

Glen Slow Juicer Vs Normal Juicer
Glen Slow Juicer Vs Normal Juicer

HIGH Nutrient Quality!

This is the most important consideration when buying a juicer. For health conscious people, consuming the highest quality, nutrient dense foods should be the first priority and something not to be compromised. Glen Slow Juicer operates at lower speeds keeping heat generation to a minimum. This not only produces a superior tasting juice with minimal foam and separation, with maximum retention of beneficial enzymes and nutrients.

Nutritional tests* (between a cold press and centrifugal juicer) revealed that Slow Juicers extract up to 42% more vitamin C, up to 60% more vitamin A and yield between 35 – 50% more juice.

 Test results from Michelson Laboratories,Inc., Korean Food       Research Institute (KRFI), and internal labs
Img Source: foodmatterstv.com
Img Source: foodmatterstv.com
Why Glen Slow Juicer is an Ideal Juicer?
  • Able to easily juice all greens, herbs and grasses (with a high yield).
  • Good to juice fruits, including soft varieties blueberries, strawberries etc.
  • The “slow juice” technology works like a mortar and pestle. Juice squeezed from the Glen Slow Juicer is richer in natural vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. These nutrients play a vital role in sustaining our bodies, helping us feel better and look healthier.
  • Cold pressed, to produce a superior juice
  • Low speed (rpm), to minimize oxidation and produce a longer lasting juice
  • Easy to clean, just run water after preparation, wipe dry and it is ready to be used again.
  • Low noise!

Easy to Clean

This is because slow juicers produce a much dryer pulp than normal juicers, meaning that the highest possible amount of nutrients is extracted and there is less overall waste. Automatic pulp removal through a separate outlet allows continuous juicing. For juicing different fruits or veggies just pour water through the feed tube to rinse clean & continue juicing, without carrying over the flavor! Easy, convenient and hassle-free.

Now enjoy your health drinks at home, have a juicy affaire with this wonder machine.

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