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How To Use Your Food Processor Smartly?

Every homemaker tempts to buy a food processor. But what is a food processor, why would you need one and, how you can use it smartly.

Irrespective of your culinary skills you can make good use of the food processor to cook healthier and tastier. Food processors are versatile kitchen appliances through which you can perform multiple operations like chopping, grinding, puree, shredding, cutting and blending. With a kitchen food processor, pre-cooking time can be reduced as much as 40-50%. This means that you can cook more dishes in lesser duration.

You need to consider two important factors before zeroing to a food processor. The first is food processor’s capacity. A capacity of 5-10 cups of dry ingredients are optimum for most households. You need a larger capacity food processor if you cook in larger volumes. The second factor to note is a type of bowl and jars provided. They should be made out of food grade plastic or steel and should be dishwasher safe.

Food Processor

Now if you have bought a kitchen food processor, it’s essential that you understand what all it can do, because most of us use it as a mere blender instead of utilizing all its features.

The most used functions, as chopping is essential in many Indian dishes, chopping of onions for Tadka, cauliflower for Paranthas, or mincing of meat, your food processor can do it all.

Slicing is used for slicing cucumbers/ tomatoes for sandwiches or salads. Also for making potato wafers you will need the slicer. Various thickness of slicing is required, the same can be achieved with different blades or by applying the varying degree of pressure on the pusher while slicing.

It involves pulverizing or making millimeter size pieces of nuts, seeds, dried fruits or meat for gravy.

Sometimes you want shreds of cheddar cheese or beetroots or carrots for making salads or garnish. Grater can’t be used for shredding vegetables in larger volumes and that is where your food processor comes handy.

Puree is an essential part of making rich gravy, sauces and soups. With a good processor, you get smooth texture puree with no shreds of vegetables.

Kneading and mixing dough
Dough kneading is a routine in the Indian kitchen. With food processor, it is made easier and better.

Making crumbs of bread or cookies is way easier with a food processor than doing it manually. With equal sizes crumbs done in no time, your dish becomes awesomely delectable.

Glen’s Food Processor
Glen India brings you an innovative kitchen food processor, which can bring magic to your kitchen. Glen’s food processor helps you accomplish multiple tasks in minutes. It simplifies all your pre-cooking tasks like chopping, shredding and whisking. Its compact design lets you save counter space. With a five year warranty on high power motor of 700W and 2 or 3 jars (liquidizer and grinder) options, you get the deal in a very reasonable price. With a centralized feeding tube, centrifugal juicer and processor discs to perform virtually any function; Glen’s kitchen machine is best in the market segment. Its food grade stainless steel blades cut down heat generation and preserve the goodness of protein and vitamins. Easily changeable blades provide flexibility to accomplish any culinary task in any capacity jar. Moreover the blades don’t come with sharp edges for safer operations. It’s overload protector mechanism prevents any accidental overloading and prevents motor burn outs. A 30% reduction in the RPM on the Food Processor side results in better processing of food.

The food processor from Glen comes with smart mixer grinder attachment. You can also opt for higher models with chopping and whisking disc, chutney jar, thin/ thick slicing disc and coconut shredding disc. The spill proof bowl is a smart innovation integrated in the food processor. It has a state-of-art spindle attachment, which gets locked in bowl to provide superlative sealing. Multi-flow lid on top of the latest design liquidizer prevents you from hassles of opening the lid to pour. Its three pouring settings let you have smoothie as consistent as you wish. Glen’s food processor incorporates low RPM citrus press with an offset cone placed for ergonomic comfort. The polycarbonate pusher can be doubled as a measuring cup. A compact rack, which can house almost all the accessories, fits comfortably inside the bowl for a convenient storage. This feature compact kitchen gadget comes with very reasonable price. Buy online or from store Glen’s food processor for a healthier lifestyle.

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