Grill the hot recipes on Cold Christmas evening

Christmas is about celebration with family and friends. It’s about cooking, feasting and having a jubilant eve with all the loved ones. This cooking experience becomes more exciting when you cook in your lawn, backyard or terrace in the cold atmosphere while grilling the hot, sizzling mouth watering dishes.
Grilling, which has been a great companion with cold, snowy evenings becomes more convenient for you once you start using a device which is risk free, easy to use and most importantly, gives you joy while you grill the tastiest recipes. Glen, to make you even more comfortable with grilling has brought you its ultimately compatible range of Glass Grills, for your special winter evenings.
Glass Grills are a recent phenomenon which has caught up the fancy of the people. It’s extremely comfortable to use, it comes with a German ceramic glass surface. Ceramic Glass surface is a scratch resistant glass which has no coating on it so emits no harmful gases as other nonstick surfaces, so its food safe. As the juices don’t drip while grilling so the grilled food becomes more juicy and good to eat. To make the most of the heat of the surface of the grill, it enables you to grill the recipes directly on the ceramic surface which has two major benefits, it makes the grilling experience hassle free and secondly, it saves the time making the recipes quicker and at the same time, happens to be an energy efficient device.
It is often a nuisance for the cooking lovers that they need to use pans and other utensils while grilling but Glass grills by Glen have German Glass that can be used for making omelettes,cutlets or sauté vegetables etc directly on the surface of the grill. With six setting, as needed for your recipe, one can choose the desired temperature for the recipe to grill it perfectly. Glass grill has a thermostat which is controlled by the temperature control knob. This “controlled temperature feature” does not let the oil break, making the recipes coming from these Glass Grills a healthier option of eating for you anyday. But not only grilling but quite often, it becomes messy to clean the grillers. This problem is sheerly absent from the Glass Grills by Glen as they have with detachable oil tray which collects the oil residue completely which can be separated from the grill later and can be cleaned easily like any other utensil.
Glen Glass Grill are designed in a way that they possess lower heat radiation so that they can be used indoors also. With scratch resistant glass and durability which is highly preferred by everyone makes these Glass grills the most desirable and friendly kitchen devices this winter. Glass grills by Glen-keeping in mind different need of different kitchens-are available in different designs which are-
• GL 3033
• GL 3035
• GL 3033 With SS Trolley
Since safety is the priority at Glen, these Glass Grills are made in a way that they don’t emit any type of harmful gases, making it safer to use every day. They are portable, and are any day, a safer and more user friendly option for everyone. So make this Christmas evening not only festive but full of delicious feast with the Glass Grills by Glen and make the celebrations quadruple.

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