For the Love of Tea; Try a Freshly Brewed One

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The whole world connects with a single cup of tea. Different flavors and varied aromas make the conversations more interesting. Similarly any Indian house is incomplete without an indispensable love for tea, which is one of the essential part of our lives. The aroma of tea brewing and that very sip of the morning tea, refreshes our senses and also kick starts the day. In a country like India, tea is produced and also consumed at a highest rate. Considering the importance of tea in our lives, Glen introduces Glass Tea Maker & Kettle GL 9010. This is just not an electric kettle as this has been designed for the people of vivid taste for tea.

As per Indian Tea Association:

In India we all simply boil the water, add tea leaves, milk, sugar, keep on boiling and then strain it, this process often kills the actual taste and natural aroma. Rather a perfect cup of tea is made by fine brewing. Each time you brew the tea different delicate flavors are released. It is essential that the tea leaves are not left to stew once they have been brewed to the desired strength. Straining the tea completely between infusions will prevent the leaves from becoming bitter. In China which is one of the largest tea consuming countries, it is widely believed that the second or third brew of fine tea is the best. But an actual taste of tea is relished only if it is brewed for 3-4 minutes in hot water at 85°C to 90°C temperature.This brings out the original taste and aroma of tea, thereby making it more beneficial. Thus a fine brewing is that secret ingredient you were looking for that perfect cup of tea.

This Glen product makes the finest tea ever, as it comes with a detachable filter assembly given for the perfect brewing of your tea. This stylish electric kettle is made of toughened glass and stainless steel body, for elegant looks and sturdy performance. The transparent glass allows you to look at the colour of tea and decide. This two in one kettle is a dynamic product, as you can prepare tea and serve it after by using it as a glass kettle. This comes with two lids, one normal to use it as a glass kettle and other with a plunger to further use it as a tea maker.The nifty design and modern looks make it match your expensive tea sets and enhance the look of  your splendid tea parties. The stay cool handle is equipped with a push button to start and stop the kettle thereby making it safe to operate. It is portable and light weighing, so that you can easily move it to any preferred place. One can easily measure the water level with the scale marks given on the glass upto 1.7 ltr. Thus you can easily decide how many cups and how much tea leaves to make that perfect blended tea. One can make maximum 8 cups of tea.

How does it work?

  1. Remove the top lid by simply pushing it out.

  2. Rotate to open the SS filter assembly attached to the plunger.

  3. Put tea leaves into the filter and close again by rotating.

  4. Put the kettle on the base given along with it.

  5. Pour water into the kettle to desired quantity.

  6. Put the cap, with the filter on the top, into the kettle till you hear the lock click sound.

  7. Plug in the switch.

  8. Turn on the switch button given on the handle to start the boiling (indicator light given for ease).

  9. Once the water is boiled, just press the plunger so that the filter can get immersed in hot water and let the tea steep.

  10. This will mix the tea leaves with water, keep it inside for 2-3 minutes till you get the desired color.

  11. Now serve the freshly made tea directly as don’t need a strainer and savor the finest taste.

Note: You may add milk and sugar as per choice and as recommended by the variety of tea leaves being used.

Mostly we make tea in any available pan without realising that the material of the pan (like aluminium will also add some taste to the tea) reacts with boiling water so the best is to use food grade Stainless Steel or Glass. Glen Tea Maker comes with a Toughened Glass Jar and the SS heating element to avoid any additional tastes in your cup of tea. The kettle is easy to clean. It prepares tea faster than the conventional way on the as there is no loss of heat during boiling of water and is more efficient. Not only this, you can just add your green tea leaves into the filter and enjoy sipping the green tea at your convenience. This kettle is perfect for tea connoisseurs/ experts who live and love tea as they breathe the every sip. India is the highest tea consuming country, and for such lovers this is an ideal appliance and a must have.

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