ENSURE YOUR FAMILY’S HEALTH- BAKE YOUR OWN BREAD2Breakfast, Brunch and evening meal: in all of these, the common item we tend to consume is bread. An item whose history can be traced back to above 30,000 years has made quite an impression on the human taste buds so as to stagnate its ground in the meal time-table. However, whereas during those times the main ingredients used were plain flour or roasted and ground cereal grains along with water, today there are many other inclusions along with it such as yeast and other chemicals, primarily to increase the longevity, since it’s a perishable item. Potassium bromate and potassium iodate are two such agents used in the bakery for the production of bread which have been found to be hazardous for the human health. A recent study by Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) has reported the presence of these in 38 different Indian pre-packaged bread brands consuming as much as 84% of its constitution. While potassium bromate is considered to be a category 2B carcinogenic, potassium iodate again triggers thyroid disorders; its usage is thus banned in many countries considering the safety concerns of the common man.

Easy way out from this risk is to bake bread at home itself, at least we will know what ingredients we are putting in the same. Glen India brings forth an amazing product that bakes bread with minimum manual supervision with in your kitchen with the same aroma and flavour that our taste buds are used to, but much more fresher. Glen Bread makerhas been designed so that one can bake bread as per their choice of crispness, browning, and size. The bread maker not only makes the bread but one can also bake cakes, kead the dough for cookies and pastries, make Jams etc.

The Glen bread maker is an automatic machine. All the ingredients to make the bread based on the recipe need to be put in the pan and then the functions need to be set as per the requirement and once done, press the start button and that is all. It will Knead the dough, wait for it to rise and then again knead and then bake. Once the bread is ready it will give the beep sound and switch off. World over people set the timing such that when they get up in the morning the freshly baked bread is ready for the breakfast. One can make all kinds of breads like white bread, Brown, wheat, Gluten free, Multi-grain and many more. Visiting the online website www.glenindia.com would give one more information about the product and with easy and fast delivery process, one can simply order for it at one click of the button. So, why not bring in the rustic aroma of the old tramp village beat road, of those grandmother days and enjoy the essence of home-made bread for better health and better taste.

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