Enjoy Gujia this Holi – Fried in Glen Air Fryer 100% Taste Zero % FAT

With Holi just round the corner, the excitement level for all from the young to the old has reached a heightened level. Holi sure does remind us of a lot of things from the gatherings to the song and dance sessions to drinks and the food. And when we have already mentioned food here, how can we forget Gujia, the extremely delicious khoya filled dumpling that has been winning over a thousand bellies since long. A Pan India food item, Gujia seems to be a part of the royal Mughal cuisine since the old times. Putting hot fried Gujia into your mouth gives you the taste of the melting and oozing khoya wrapped around the maida coating: indeed sweet and scrumptious. So, before we go any further with this salivating description of how Gujia is, let us discuss about the recipe so that this Holi, you can prepare this delicacy the easy way and of course without oil!
The ingredients you need, to prepare Gujia are as follows:
• 2 cups refined flour, 1 cup clarified butter and water for the dough.
• 1 cup khoya, 1 cup sugar, 1 tsp powdered green cardamom,1 Tbspfinely chopped almonds and Ghee for the filling.
• 1 cup sugar and water for the syrup.
The process starts with kneading of the flour with water and ghee to prepare the dough (Glen Food Processor can be used for kneading this dough), which is to be left aside for an hour to settle. Now let’s get to making the filling for the Gujia. Firstly the khoya needs to be sauted lightly in medium heat till it turns light brown in colour. Once it cools, it must be mixed with sugar, cardamom and almonds. Make oval shapes with these fillings and then keep it aside. The next step is to make balls of the dough and flatten it into rounds, mildly thick. Now, wet the edges and then fill it with the khoya filling and press the edges together to seal it as tightly as possible to prevent any leak while frying it. The edges can be shaped as per your own design. As per traditional method, these Gujias are then deep fried in ghee and served. However, considering health concerns and the availability of such effective appliances such as the Glen Air fryer, where you can practically fry anything, why not cut down on the calories. Glen Air fryer is an enhanced kitchen appliance that helps you fry food with ease and cuts down on calories by 80% with the use of superheated air. So, this Holilet your heart and health soar high with colours of happiness.

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