Enjoy Food on Wheels with Glass Grill Trolley

Savor the delight of oil free grill chicken, fish, paneer tikka in minutes with revolutionary Glen Glass Grill. No need to wait to go out for the grilled food cravings, now cook all the delicacies at home easily. Engineered on the JAPANESE teppanyaki style of cooking, simply pre heat the Glass Grill, and Start Cooking LIVE and EASY.

Glass Grill Trolley for Easy Cooking Experience
Glass Grill Trolley for Easy Cooking Experience

Plan the best barbeque in town as now Glen Glass Grill also comes with easy to move trolley. Party either on terrace, in balcony or in garden, no one can stop your chef skills from getting famous. Just plug in the switch anywhere with easy moving trolley and prepare quick, easy and oil free chicken tikkas, chicken satay, grilled fish, paneer tikkas with Glen Glass Grill GL 3033. The glass grill trolley adds to the convenience of your cooking the grilled food. LIVE kitchen now comes to you house garden or terrace. Just flaunt your cooking skills and cook and serve parallelly, along with enjoying the party as well. The first shelf is used for fitting the Glen Glass Grill for easy mobile cooking, whereas the other shelves can be used for either keeping the raw material to be used or to keep the other added culinary.

Glass Grill Trolley facilitates:

  • Safe and easy cooking as the cooking base is fixed and doesn’t skid.
  • Enough storage space so that one can keep raw material and cook at the same time.
  • Easy serving, as you can move around with the trolley and serve while cooking.
  • High quality fine stainless steel finish to add style your party accessories.

Introduce to your party Teppanyaki style of cooking which means cooking and eating at the same place. You can straightaway start cooking sausages, carrots, potatoes, eggplant, corn, green bell peppers on the grill plate and enjoy eating them simultaneously. Due to the pore-free and sealed ceramic glass grilling surface, very minimal fat is required. While you cook your chicken, the fat doesn’t drip off unlike the old grills; in fact the flat bed glass uses that released fat as an oil medium to cook the same. Vitamins and minerals are not drawn out; foods retain their natural flavor and remain juicy and tender. This makes it possible to have a mellow, nutritive and low on fat grilled chicken effortlessly.

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NOTE: Glass Grill Trolley is optional, and can be purchased from nearest dealers. To know about availability please contact 09266655555.

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