Electric Glass Grill Cleaning Process

Winters are the perfect season to relish the taste of grilled food anywhere and everywhere. And now when you can cook it easy and hassle free with Glen Glass Grill, this winter will be more appetizing. While everyone today is talking about Glen Glass Grill, we bring you an easy clean feature this product has.

  1. After cooking the leftover food debris and oil can be scrapped out with spatula or scrapper and can be accumulated at the detachable oil tray on the side for continuous cooking.
  2. When the glass grill is at its maximum heat, pour some water over the surface and then let the water and steam soften the food residue.
  3. Now easily scrap out the food debris and wipe off with a damp cloth if still required.
  4. If you still find stains on the surface use a mild liquid detergent to clean it further with a soft cloth.
  5. Dry the ceramic glass surface to reuse it.


  • Never touch the glass surface with bare hands when it is hot.
  • While storing the grill, dry it completely to avoid stains and smell.

Easy Cooking, Easy Grilling, Easy Heating, Easy Maintenance, Easy Cleaning Makes This Dynamic Appliance an Easy Appliance for Future Kitchens.

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