Easy Egg Recipes with a Twist of Glen Egg Master

Egg adds as a most convenient and nutritious meal in our daily life. Scrambled, boiled or half fry, we all love the varied egg preparations. For all the egg lovers Glen presents Egg Master 3036 an innovative product for adding a new bent to our usual egg recipes.

Egg Master GL 3036What is Egg Master and How Does it Work?

For the first time in India, Glen introduces- “The Vertical Grill Technology” which combines a cylindrical non-stick cooking surface, surrounded by a revolutionary heating element. Just apply a little oil on egg master inside walls, crack 1 or 2 eggs and directly pour in the cylindrical non-stick chamber, switch ON the egg master and watch the egg pop up in the shape of a roll, perfectly cooked and easy to carry. No more getting late for Office or missing the morning meal. Just crack and pour the egg in the Glen Egg Master, do your other chores, while it pops out in a matter of minutes. You can have it at the table or do a take away. Omelets can now be cooked by anyone without any risk and mess.

For mothers it is a magic wand, as you can surprise your kids daily with egg rolls wrapped in chapatti or egg lollies. Thus the nutritional egg now becomes more tasty and tempting to your kids.

Not only this one can also cook bacon eggs, veggie tortilla, greek tortilla, burritos, french toast, pancakes, pizza rolls, cinnamon rolls and more.

Looks and Features:

The compact design and detachable cord, makes it easy to store. One can carry it along while travelling as well. The non stick coating of the inside chamber makes it easy to clean and operate. The egg doesn’t stick to walls and thus there is no hassle of taking out stuck residue. The dual indicator: RED when power is on and GREEN when appliances are ready to perform. The unique silicone rubber section of the appliance is a heat insulator for safe handling.The ABS material makes it strong and safe.


  • Cleaning brush
  • Reusable Wooden skewers
  • Packer

Glen Egg Master  heats up quickly thus is energy efficient, and cooks faster.

This small easy to handle appliance will surely take up a major space in your kitchen. Bring home a quick solution to all the breakfast worries and surprise your loved ones with easy and twisted egg recipes daily.


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