Cooking ranges

Glen’s Classic range of cookers combine an exceptionally solid and strong structure with superb all-round performance. They offer a variety of features, such as the high energy triple ring burner for faster cooking, a motorised rotisserie for perfect grilling and a convenient multi-spark auto ignition. There is a light in the oven for easy viewing and a minute-minder to keep a tab on the time. Experience the pleasure of cooking with the sheer form, function and capabilities of the Glen Cooking Range.

Large capacity oven
Conventional brass burner, sturdy and strong, fuel efficient. Easy to clean and maintain, last long.

International Height
A large oven for a hassle free preparation of almost any meal, no matter how big.

Motorised Rotisseries
It helps in even distribution of the heat in the cooking range for better baking results. The hot air seals the outer surface of the food being grilled to make it more juicy.
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Minute Minder
The minute minder signals the end of cooking for each dish, as the set time elapses, and keeps you free for other chores. A maximum period of 60 minutes covers most possible dishes.

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