Glass Grill

Glen India brings you the most sophisticated way of healthy cooking, the Glass Grill. The Glass Grill is a durable ceramic glass surface, which evenly distributes heat for consistent cooking. Due to non-porous nature of glass-ceramic, nutrients and natural food juices remain intact. The resulting grilled food is juicy, delicious and succulent with wonderful flavor

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Kettles & Tea Maker

The Kettle That Makes Tea, Perfectly For the perfectly balanced brew, different teas need to be steeped for different time durations. The Glen Tea Maker makes this convenient, just move the stainless steel tea filter assembly up and down, gently agitating the leaves to precisely infuse your tea. Now, enjoy a perfect cup of tea,

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Coffee maker

It stimulates, it refreshes. It can be combined and blended to make a variety of beverages. Coffee has possibilities galore, provided you have a Fausta. This fully Automatic Specialty Coffee Machine combines innovation, technology and aesthetics to present a dependable gadget that gives perfect coffee every time. Simple to use, it has multiple programming options

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