”Built –In” series from Glen

built in series from Glen1Glen India, a company manufacturing Kitchen Appliances is today a household name in the appliances of the highest quality. Launching with myriads of products ranging from chimneys to cooking appliances, Glen has attained popularity amidst many competitors and made a place in the quality conscious customers mind. With a team of experts, with years of experience Glen appliances have been forwarded to users with the sole intention of best functionalities and most efficiency. In the modern homes customers are going for Modular Kitchens where most of the Kitchen Appliances are used as Built-in to save on the counter space and to give the kitchen a very neat look. Glen has been marketing a wide range of incredible built-in Appliances that have been highly appreciated owing to its high defined parameters

• Built-In Dishwashers

To save your time and to provide you with ease and comfort, Glen built-in dishwashers are here to transform your dirty dishes and utensils into sparkling mirror shine dishes. Any kind of oil stains and other marks, thanks to the Indian spicy cuisines, can be easily washed off by the automatic dish washing program. The dishwashers use hot water to wash the utensils which make these totally hygienic to use and the crystal is spotless sparkling clean. There are 3 models to choose from as per the requirement of the customer

• Built-In Microwaves

Whether you want to bake, grill, cook or heat your culinary delights, Glen built-in microwaves would serve purpose for all of them. Glen microwaves have models in stainless steel or Glass finish that you can select as per the theme &the decor of the modern day kitchen. The built-in Microwave Ovens save on the counter space and also saves time, money and of course energy.

• Built-In Ovens

The built-in ovens presented by Glen are one of the most sophisticated and stylish appliances they have created. They prove to be a major style statement for the home owing to its amazing look and optimum functionalities. With the touch control technology along with its self cleaning function, Glen has added a silver feather to its cap and set up a commendable mark in the section of electronic appliances. Pre-set auto cooking menus are available with these ovens transforming cooking into one of the easiest jobs ever.

• Built-In Hobs

The built-in hobs provided by Glen are beautifully designed to provide you with maximum space while cooking and a range of selective hob sizes that you can opt from. The normal complaint of all these years Indian customers use to face in the built-in hobswas of low flame, the same has been sorted out with the help of the Italian Burner manufacturer and new Double Ring Burners have been developed specially for India. Glen has launched a series of Hobs with these burners and now the problems of low flame are things of past. These aesthetically designed hobs promise you with high performance using the minimum resources. These built-in hobs are fitted with Cast Iron pan supports for sturdy placement of pans and also available in many configuration of 3-4-5 burners in many sizes.

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