Built in Induction Hobs: Cook Savories in Style

If you love cooking then you must be spending hours together near the flame. But what if you could cook equally awesome food without a flame? Exactly this is achieved by an induction hob. In gas hobs, heat is generated at a zone and transferred to pan, but in induction hobs the whole utensil becomes a heat generator. Induction is arguably the most secure method of cooking, as there are no flames and heat remains confined only to pan area. Fine tuning of temperature and immediate cooling of surface gives you a culinary freedom never realized before.

Built-in Induction Hobs have emerged as the most popular kitchen appliance. Not just they highlight the minimalist aesthetics, but also add to the functionality of the kitchen. Built-in Induction Hobs are placed on the kitchen counter in a place specially crafted for them. As they are situated in line with the counter and not above it like the traditional ones, they are much easier to clean. With built-in kitchen hobs, cockroaches, rats and bacteria don’t find a place to develop and the kitchen counter remains more hygienic than ever.

Induction hobs are available in various designs and can do a makeover of your kitchen. They help in saving energy and are hence greener option than LPG Hobs. In LPG facilitated cooking a lot of energy is actually wasted to heat the surrounding air. This wasteful process is curbed in induction cooking, as it heats only the pan area. With prompt cooling and virtually no heat loss, these cooking hobs also help in saving energy and power bill. With the ubiquitous availability of electricity, you no longer have to worry about LPG supply. This also implies that you can install an induction hob at the location of your preference without having to think about the inlet of gas supply.

Kitchen Hobs

Glen’s built in induction hobs are the kitchen appliances in which style fuses with high performance. The hob panel seamlessly integrates with kitchen slab and hence saves from any deposition generally noticed under the hobs.

Glen’s latest hobs come with Sensor Touch Control with the help of which you can toggle between nine precise power levels. Set against the enticing backdrop of black German Schott Ceran ceramic glass, the control panel gives a futuristic look.

Digital display at the induction cooking hob assists you in knowing the time left even in the dim light environment. Glen values you and your child’s safety and, therefore, the built-in hobs are provided with automatic safety shut off and child safety lock. The intuitive hob automatically detects the pan and a residual heat indicator lets you know the heat still left with the system. With high precision temperature controls, you achieve the exact temperature mentioned in the recipe in less than 90 seconds.

Glen’s Induction hobs are compatible with all standard ferromagnetic utensils. With cooking menu presets, you can cook like a pro. So buy from any store or online built in hob from Glen and enjoy cooking with style.

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