Are you committing these lesser known mistakes in your kitchen?

Are you committing these lesser known mistakes in your kitchen_1Kitchen is the holy ground for the women folk of the family. However, today kitchen not being a gender specific arena anymore, both men and women who work in the kitchen spend a major part of their time devotedly worshipping their kitchen. Many home activities such as cleaning, cooking, socializing, drinking, eating take place in the kitchen and that is why the kitchen needs to be a functional and elegant area of the home. With kitchens turning into one of the most price inducing rooms while constructing a home, it is essential to not only make a kitchen beautifully designed but effective and convenient as well. Let us check out the commonly committed mistakes by people in the kitchen.

• Kitchen triangle error

The refrigerator, sink and stove together are referred to as the kitchen triangle for it is this area that demands the maximum activity in the kitchen. This area requires very skilful planning so as not to make it an obstructive passage during the kitchen activities. With the sink witnessing the maximum action, it should be easily accessible from the stove and refrigerator. As per specialists, the kitchen triangle summed up, must not be more than 25 feet and less than 10 feet.

• Inadequate storage space and counter space

This is a major concern for the kitchen since it is always filled with a lot of stuff that includes appliances, cookware, bakeware, grill and others. Managing the storage space such that all of the constituents can be systematically fitted into the territory is very essential. To prevent any wasted space, proper forethought is required. Counter space is also very important in a kitchen considering the various activities that take place here. Installing built in hobs, oven and microwave oven by Glen India in the kitchen is a great way to prevent the problem of inadequate counter space.

• Erroneous lighting

Kitchen lighting system cannot be a faulty one for, with the number of activities taking place in this part of the home, the lighting needs to be adequate. Not only does the lighting in the kitchen need to be perfect to accentuate its design but it is also a matter of safety for knives and other kitchen tools are used here that needs full concentration and proper light. The main work areas in the kitchen need to have direct light so as to make it efficient.

• No proper ventilation

Bad ventilation kills the best of kitchen designs. Stepping into a beautifully designed elegant kitchen and smelling the fish or meat cooked the previous night would instantly kill the impression about the kitchen. A good ventilation system with proper hoods and chimneys not only keep the air fresh and hygienic but it also elongates the life span of the kitchen appliances. Island Chimneys, Split Chimneys, Designer Chimneys and Straight Line Chimneys by Glen India are terrific appliances for having a smoke-free ventilation system. Keeping the kitchen clean and fresh is keeping the entire household clean and odour free.

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