Breakfast, Brunch and evening meal: in all of these, the common item we tend to consume is bread. An item whose history can be traced back to above 30,000 years has made quite an impression on the human taste buds so as to stagnate its ground in the meal time-table. However, whereas during those times

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Range of Rice Cookers at Glen

Rice cookers have become one of the most on-demand cooking appliances in India. The reason behind it is crystal clear: because rice is the staple food for Indians. No matter what the items are in a meal, rice will be there mandatorily. From nuclear families to joint families, everyone consumes rice even if by small

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The science behind Chimneys

The chimney is one of the most essential components of a modern kitchen. Besides, efficient space utilisation and giving a modern and chic feel to your kitchen, the chimney has a lot more going on. These are designed keeping in mind the needs of the modern user along with some simple scientific fundamentals, for a

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