For the love of tea; Try a freshly brewed one

The whole world connects with a single cup of tea. Different flavors and varied aromas make the conversations more interesting. Similarly any Indian house is incomplete without an indispensable love for tea, which is one of the essential part of our lives. The aroma of tea brewing and that very sip of the morning tea, refreshes our senses and also kick starts the day. In a country like India, tea is produced and also consumed at a highest rate. Considering the importance of tea in our lives, Glen introduces Glass Tea Maker & Kettle GL 9010. This is just not an electric kettle as this has been designed for the people of vivid taste for tea.

As per Indian Tea Association:

In India we all simply boil the water, add tea leaves , milk , sugar, keep on boiling  and then strain it ,this process often kills the actual taste and natural aroma. Rather a perfect cup of tea is made by fine brewing. Each time you brew the tea different delicate flavors are released. It is essential that the tea leaves are not left to stew once they have been brewed to the desired strength. Straining the tea completely between infusions will prevent the leaves from becoming bitter. In China which is one of the largest tea consuming countries, it is widely believed that the second or third brew of fine tea is the best. But an actual taste of tea is relished only if it is brewed for 3-4 minutes in hot water at 85°C to 90° C temperature.This brings out the original taste and aroma of tea, thereby making it more beneficial. Thus a fine brewing is that secret ingredient you were looking for that perfect cup of tea.

This Glen product makes the finest tea ever , as it comes with a detachable filter assembly given for the perfect brewing of your tea. This stylish electric kettle is made of toughened glass and stainless steel body, for elegant looks and sturdy performance.The transparent glass allows you to look at the colour of tea and decide. This two in one kettle is a dynamic product, as you can prepare tea and serve it after by using it as a glass kettle. This comes with two lids, one normal to use it as a glass kettle and other with a plunger to further use it as a tea maker.The nifty design and modern looks make it match your expensive tea sets and enhance the look of  your splendid tea parties. The stay cool handle is equipped with a push button to start and stop the kettle thereby making it safe to operate. It is portable and light weighing,so that you can easily move it to any preferred place. One can easily measure the water level with the scale marks given on the glass upto 1.7 ltr. Thus you can easily decide how many cups and how much tea leaves to make that perfect blended tea. One can make maximum 8 cups of tea.


How does it work?

  1. Remove the top lid by simply pushing it out.

  2. Rotate to open the SS filter assembly attached to the plunger.

  3. Put tea leaves into the filter and close again by rotating.

  4. Put the kettle on the base given along with it.

  5. Pour water into the kettle to desired quantity.

  6. Put the cap, with the filter on the top, into the kettle till you hear the lock click sound.

  7. Plug in the switch.

  8. Turn on the switch button given on the handle to start the boiling (indicator light given for ease).

  9. Once the water is boiled, just press the plunger so that the filter can get immersed in hot water and let the tea steep.

  10. This will mix the tea leaves with water, keep it inside for 2-3 minutes till you get the desired color.

  11. Now serve the freshly made tea directly as don’t need a strainer and savor the finest taste.

Note: You may add milk and sugar as per choice and as recommended by the variety of tea leaves being used.

Mostly we make tea in any available pan without realising that the material of the pan (like aluminium will also add some taste to the tea) reacts with boiling water so the best is to use food grade Stainless Steel or Glass. Glen Tea Maker comes with a Toughened Glass jar and the SS heating element to avoid any additional tastes in your cup of tea. The kettle is easy to clean. It prepares tea faster than the conventional way on the as there is no loss of heat during boiling of water and is more efficient.Not only this, you can just add your green tea leaves into the filter and enjoy sipping the green tea at your convenience.This kettle is perfect for tea connoisseurs/experts who live and love tea as they breathe the every sip. India is the highest tea consuming country, and for such lovers this is an ideal appliance and a must have.


The Modern Kitchens are equipped with advanced and voguish appliances to make them look ultra stylish and work super efficient. Following the trend the built in hobs is capturing a valuable space in every Indian kitchen. This stylish glasshob, not only enhance the interiors of your kitchen but the durability and easy handling makes it a thing to posses.But, this being a European concept the biggest disadvantage which built in hobs have faced is that these Hobs are generally equipped with Single Ring of flame, sealed burners which give a low flame so it takes longer time to cook in comparison to the normal Indian burners in the normal free standing Gas Stoves.

The Indian cooking requires more heat and thus more flame, considering our fondness towards foods which require deep frying or longer time to cook. Indian homemakers are used to a double ring flame in burners for quicker and efficient cooking. Hence despite their elegant design these European sealed burners of built in hobs are considered less favourable because they are slow and consume more time for cooking.But now this disadvantage has been diligently outworked as SABAF of ITALY has developed Double Ring Burners which are specially designed to favour Indian Cooking.

Glen India has always been a step ahead in introducing advanced innovations for efficient and smarter kitchens. Glen is proud to introduce the built-in hobs with the SABAF Double Ring Burners in many configurations.These have been specially designed and developed in ITALY to meet the demands of Indian Kitchen. The all new Glen Built in hobs have one triple ring burner for much faster cooking and other burners are double ring burners for regular cooking with much better results. The efficacious double ring burner produces double ring of flames in each burner, thus one can enjoy faster and proper cooking because of high flame. The Triple ring burner is also provided when more heat is required in a short time like for deep frying. The ergonomic metal knobs are sturdy and strong and give a firm grip to your handling. These knobs are made of alloy and give the hob a professional finish. The cast iron pan supports can accommodate heavy vessels with a firm balance. The Glass used is 8.0mm Toughened for extra safety.

 The objective of the invention is to propose a double ring burner of an improved type, with a structure designed to impart a degree of safety in keeping with modern requirements. So let the GEN X kitchens get introduced to this new concept of contemporary cooking on these advanced Italian built in hobs designed for Indian cooking and serve the tasty delicacies every day.


Give your kids; A love which is deep & NOT Fried with Glen Air Fryer

As a mother only you understand the eternal happiness you get, when you cook for your kids their favorite meals. And nothing can be more healthy and nutritive than a homemade healthy food. But despite the hard effort of making your kids eat healthy, you simply can’t resist them from having oily food like French fries, nuggets, potato wedges etc. No matter what, even if you wish to serve all of these at home, it will always be deep fried.

According to a report by WHO; the prevalence of obesity in children has increased at an alarming rate. Overweight and obese children are likely to stay obese into adulthood and more likely to develop non communicable diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular diseases at a younger age. The concern is getting higher every day as kids prefer eating outside and hence are getting more prone to health problems a very early age. Since the deep fried frozen foods prepared at home are also full of saturated fats, which are counted as the major reason behind such health issues. Overcoming this fear, Glen India launches it’s another health endorsing product Air Fryer GL 3041, which can make all the favorite snacks and fries up to 80% oil free.

Air fryer uses the rapid air technology which circulates the hot air with a great pressure and up to 200 degree Celsius temperature around food. This circulated air around the ingredients in the Air fryer, heats them up thereby resulting in food which is crusty outside and tender inside. Unlike the conventional deep fryers which use high quantity of oil to heat the food and make it crispy, the air fryer uses less or no oil to prepare food. Unpack the frozen food packet, put those delicious nuggets in the basket and simply air fry them. So if you are preparing French fries make them easy and almost 80% fat free and serve your kids healthy tasty snacks every day. You can bake, grill, roast and fry with this dynamic air fryer.



The Glen Air fryer wears this cool gizmo look, which is voguish enough to match up the alluring finish of your modern kitchen. This uber cool appliance comes in black color with a Stainless Steel fascia and stylish transparent push buttons for easy control. It comes with Digital Control and a LCD display to keep a track of timing and temperature control. One can set the timer up to 60 minutes, and set temperature till 6 settings as per requirement. You can make that sumptuous potato wedges with a temperature setting of 180 degrees and air fry them till 20 minutes.  And easily can keep a track on the LCD display for the status. The basket inside the air fryer can be used for bake, grill and roast things as well. Like, if you wish to make delicious muffins, simply put the muffin baking mould inside the basket with required ingredients and enjoy it in minutes. This easy to clean detachable basket comes with a separator to air fry two different snacks at the same time. The basket capacity is 800 gms, which means you don’t need to fry many times to get substantial quantity. It is much safer option to cook as there is no worry of one getting exposed to scalding hot oil. To add more taste to your French Fries, you may add a pinch of oil for restraint like crispier results. For a perfect mother and a versatile homemaker this for sure an appliance to acquire and feel satisfied with your hygienic and healthy cooking every day.

Make the conventional sweet potatoes the unconventional way with Glen Electric Tandoor

You must have enjoyed the boiled sweet potatoes at home often. Boiling this healthy vegetable washes away all these nutrients, making it less tasty and also lower downs the food value. But now enjoy them roasted/baked and ready to eat in just few minutes with the Glen Electric Tandoor GL5014.



Just pre heat the tandoor for 5 minutes, put sweet potatoes on the tray, waits for 10-15 minutes and then they are ready to be enjoyed with added spices and lemon flavor.

Preparing the sweet potatoes in Electric tandoor retains the juices and nutritive value of the food intact, because of which one can enjoy healthy and tasty bites in minutes.

Glen Electric Tandoor GL 5014 comes in a stainless steel body with a nifty look for modern kitchens. The electric tandoor heats up faster because of the stainless steel tubular heaters which because of their high efficiency make the food crispier. The Glen Tandoor has a knob to select any of the three cooking settings; Top heating, bottom heating and a combo of both for much better cooking results. The grill rack along with the tray, aids in deep baking results without any tensions of food sticking to the tray base.

Since the Glen Tandoor is opulent enough to uniformly heat the food from all the sides, it saves a lot of energy as you get faster cooking results. This is an efficient product and uses only 1100 W energy thereby saving much on your electricity bills. The steel wool is a hidden component of this product placed brilliantly to increases the heat efficiency. The steel wool acts as the good insulator and thus the heat used to cook is not lost in the process. While baking your Sweet Potato, you can keep a check on the status via its see through glass window. The glass window gives tandoor a splendid look, which makes it a modish kitchen accessory with unbeatable performance. The light indicates that the tandoor is in use. After the usage you can simply clean it with a wet wipe or mild detergent to remove stains.

Now Bake, Grill and roast in minutes and enjoy delicious and healthy sweet potatoes and other such delicacies these winters with Glen tandoor, which is EASY, EFFICIENT and ECONOMIC.

Avail this new-fangled easy technology for all your tandoori savories only at Rs. 4990/-.

Indulge in sweet delight with Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes are the one vegetable which often make us nostalgic about all our winter memories. We all relish the hot and mellow sweet potato with little lemon twist. Remember how often our mom has cooked them at home and served with love. That love also had a hidden care of this incredible vegetable and its benefits. Sweet potatoes are not just delicious but also have a high nutritive value. The sweet potatoes are easily available in market in this season and are delicious appetizer in winters.

There are many other reasons to love these yummy Sweet Potatoes. Here are few:



1.  They are high in vitamin B6. It helps maintain a healthy brain function. The vitamin plays a key role in synthesizing antibodies that are needed to fight various diseases. Vitamin B6 helps in maintaining normal nerve function. The vitamin helps in forming red blood cells and also helps in breaking down and digesting proteins.

2. They are a good source of vitamin C. It is very good to increase the immune against cold and flu, few people are aware that this crucial vitamin plays an important role in bone and tooth formation, digestion, and blood cell formation. It helps accelerate wound healing, produces collagen which helps maintain skin’s youthful elasticity, and is essen­tial to helping us cope with stress. It even appears to help protect our body against toxins that might be linked to cancer.

3.  They contain Vitamin D which is critical for immune system and overall health at this time of year.  Both a vitamin and a hormone, vitamin D is primarily made in our bodies as a result of getting adequate sunlight. You may have heard about seasonal affective disorder (or SAD, as it is also called). In winters we have inadequate sunlight and therefore sweet potatoes can really cover up that. Vitamin D plays an important role in our energy levels, moods, and helps to build healthy bones, heart, nerves, skin, and teeth, and it supports the thyroid gland.

4.  Sweet potatoes contain iron. Iron plays important roles in our body, including red and white blood cell production, resistance to stress, proper im­mune functioning, and the metabolizing of protein, among other things.

5.  Sweet potatoes are a good source of mag­nesium, which is the relaxation and anti-stress mineral.

6. They are rich in fiber and thus increases metabolism thereby helping you to maintain ideal weight.

Make these winters the healthiest one and redeem the best benefits out of this magical vegetable. Taste the sweetness which is delightful, yet nutritive and make this vegetable with added spice and flavors in Glen Tandoor GL5014.



Enjoy the richness of this taste daily and bake it perfect as you can now cherish a perfectly baked sweet potato, served hot.


Spread the warmth of your love with Glen Oil Filled Radiator Heater

With winters approaching we all want a tender care for our loved ones and guard them from any chance of getting cold. So be it preparing a hot cup of tea, making sumptuous soups or knitting sweaters, all of these give us an immense pleasure of protecting and loving our dear ones even more.



The idea of enjoying a perfect winter can be more comforting with an efficient room heater. Relish the coziness and protect your family from the harsh effect of winters, with the warmth of Glen Oil Filled Radiator Heater. The product has exquisite features as an oil filled heater is comparatively more reliable and effective than your old usual room heater. The Glen oil radiator heater emits heat uniformly in all directions and doesn’t produce any kind of noise. Unlike halogen heaters, Glen Oil Filled Heater does not have an element which can over heat, which makes it much less of a fire hazard. It also has an advantage over gas units as it can be utilized effectively without worrying as much about ventilation and losing heat. Thus Glen Oil heater is a safer option as it is not sweltering hot, also there’s no exposed flame. So, now your kids can have a peaceful sleep and you can also worry less since they have a shield to winters. Bring home a reliable, long lasting and a compact heating appliance from Glen as it features:

Stylish Design

It’s sleek design and elegant finish gives you enough space to add this stylish asset to your room or office. The inbuilt handle and attached castor wheels makes it more convenient as you can move it easily to the desired space.

Cost Effective

As a perfect homemaker always looks for value for money. Oil by nature retains heat for a long time, it takes time to heat up, and then takes a long time to lose its heat. This makes it a constant and reliable source for all kinds of applications. Significantly less energy is needed to run an oil radiator than to run other alternatives. Once the oil is hot, not much energy is needed to sustain the heat and the radiator continues to run with high-efficiency. This will prove very useful in lowering anyone’s monthly energy bill. This also continues heating after being turned off which makes it more efficacious.

No Harmful Effects

As Glen Oil Radiator Heater doesn’t heat directly it doesn’t burn the precious oxygen in the room and also keeps the air healthy for normal breathing. The heater causes no dryness, burns no oxygen, creates no suffocation and thus maintains a comfortable room temperature. Thus you can relax and breathe in the normal room temperature, without feeling uneasy.

How this works?



The oil filled heater, uses a cycle of oil which acts as a heating reservoir to keep the fins heated. The specially engineered fins maximize the heat flow but keep a low surface temperature. Once the element is heated, the hot oil circulates through the fins in a continuous cycle, keeping them warm and providing constant heat to the room. This heats a room more efficiently and consistently than electric heaters. As the oil heats the fins and the fins transfer the heat by radiation to the air the room gets heated and remains warm.

Turbo PTC Heater

Want more efficient & immediate results? Don’t worry as Glen Oil Filled Radiator heater has been designed to give instant heat, with the help of a Turbo boost PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) Fan heater. For the initial faster heating one can use this heater and then once the desired temperature is achieved the Fan can be switched off.

Glen Oil filled radiator heater is an innovative product with just a simple and an effective way to heat your personal space and keep it warm. As this doesn’t dry air, causes no suffocation and doesn’t depletes oxygen you can enjoy winters sound and safe. Not just this, since it doesn’t create noise; your daily activities will never be hurdled and affected. It is compact, easy to operate and when used wisely, the cost savings you enjoy can be substantial in-comparison to the traditional methods. If you want something that can keep you cozy and comfortable without compromising safety, than Glen Oil filled Radiator Heater would make an excellent choice for this winter. If you have been thinking of winters snuggled of your affection, cost effective and Eco-friendly, take a wise decision as you bring home a perfect way of spreading the warmth of your love.

Technical Features:

  1. Environment Safe Green conducting oil
  2. Thermostat to maintain desired temperature
  3. Overheating Protection Castor wheels & handle for convenient movement
  4. High energy efficiency 3 power setting
  5. 400 W PTC fan heater
  6. Cord Storage


Available in:

  • 9 Fin model suitable for room size: Below 150 sq. ft.
  • 11 Fin Model Suitable for room size: 150 to 200 sq. Ft.
  • 13 Fin Model Suitable for room size: 200 sq. Ft. and above

Electric Glass Grill Cleaning Process

Winters are the perfect season to relish the taste of grilled food anywhere and everywhere. And now when you can cook it easy and hassle free with Glen Glass Grill, this winter will be more appetizing.  While everyone today is talking about Glen Glass grill, we bring you an easy clean feature this product has.

  1. After cooking the leftover food debris and oil can be scrapped out with spatula or scrapper and can be accumulated at the detachable oil tray on the side for continuous cooking.
  2. When the glass grill is at its maximum heat, pour some water over the surface and then let the water and steam soften the food residue.
  3. Now easily scrap out the food debris and wipe off with a damp cloth if still required.
  4. If you still find stains on the surface use a mild liquid detergent to clean it further with a soft cloth.
  5. Dry the ceramic glass surface to reuse it.


  • Never touch the glass surface with bare hands when it is hot.
  • While storing the grill, dry it completely to avoid stains and smell.


Everything about Glass Grill!

Bring out the Chef in you as Glen introduces a revolutionary new product in the world of cooking with its efficient Glass Grill. This is a smart cooking appliance made for the people with smarter choices. Enjoy all your favorite exotic savory and make it more sumptuous, in just few minutes. This is a new magnificent grilling method over traditional grills discovered after a lot of research and tests, and is more safe and succulent.


No more waiting in long queues for a tasteful barbeque as you can simply cook them, as and when desired at your home. Glen Glass Grill has been designed for an easy operation and faster cooking. Conventional grilling methods have been a challenging task as they require a lot of patience and labor at your end to manage. Moreover cleaning these hefty and oil/charcoal sticky equipments can give anyone a headache. Glen glass grill is a compact and stylish appliance which endorses effortless cooking and serves you with

  • A good health
  • A toothsome Taste
  • An Easy Technique

So every time you grill your favorite delicacy you get a satisfied craving and a happier you.


With its high quality insulation and an efficient designed Carbon Fiber heating element, operation of this appliance is fast and economical. Due to the pore-free and sealed glass ceramic grilling surface, very minimal fat is required. Vitamins and minerals are not drawn out; foods retain their natural flavor and remain juicy and tender.

The Glen Ceramic Glass Grill is a multi-purpose glass grill and well suited for professional use in the catering trade, for example in snack bars and cafeterias, but are also exceptional for health minded households. Perfect for any grill appetizer be it French omelet, grilled chicken, paneer tikka, grilled fish etc. Introduce to your life a Teppanyaki style of cooking which means cooking and eating at the same place. You can straightaway start cooking sausages, carrots, potatoes, eggplant, corn, green bell peppers on the grill plate and enjoy eating them simultaneously.

Inspire a Healthy Cooking

Our modern hectic lifestyles have forced us to indulge into unhealthy tastes and thus making us more prone to health issues. But a modern man/woman choose a healthy living over oily and junk options, and is endorsing a cooking which is oil free and yet satisfying to taste buds. Caring this concern Glen glass grill helps you to cook all your meals with less or no oil. So now say goodbye to your cholesterol and welcome a new healthy you. While you cook your non veg, the fat doesn’t drip off unlike old grills; in fact the flat bed glass uses that released fat as an oil medium to cook the same. This makes it possible to have a mellow and nutritive grilled chicken effortlessly. If your occupied schedule was making you compromise on your breakfast, now you can make a perfect French omelet or a dosa and never miss the most important meal of your day. This is a perfect substitute to your Gym plans, as you can make a mouth watering grill diet everyday and in minutes, be it smoked chicken salad or a grill fish.

A Modish Kitchen accessory

This glen glass grill comes in a stainless steel body and a black colored German Schott Ceran (the best ceramic toughened glass available) which is scratch less even when scraped by stainless steel spatulas.

The flat bed shape and a dexterous compact design make it easy to carry and place. Unlike conventional heavy duty space taking grills, you can easily fit or position it at any point which has a power socket. The elegant finish makes it an unbeatable match to your modular kitchen. The outer handles are safe to touch and let you operate the appliance easily during cooking. It comes with a 12 setting temperature control knob for a better and uniform cooking uptil 250 degrees and with 1200 W infrared power. This overcomes the major drawback of traditional grills which often made us struggle with flames leaving the food or hand burnt. So, now grill a chicken or a steak as per your convenient controlled temperature. The scraper along with this product lets you change the position of the food timely and hence cooks it uniformly. Scrap out all the leftover oil or sticky food chunks onto the detachable and easy to clean spill tray.

Easy to operate

Conventional grilling methods required a lot of preparations and a precise and careful handling of the equipment. The usual grills are heavy and almost need a detailed technical practice to start cooking over them first. Imagine you planned a barbeque get together at your place, and throughout the party you were occupied giving time in arranging coal, placing the grill right, pre-heating it up for hours, controlling flames, and watching over your food meticulously to avoid burning.

And then fades away the inspiration behind the barbeque fun as you realize that it was time taking and tiring process and you were so engrossed with the grill that you forgot to spend that quality time with your friends and family.

This Glen Glass Grill needs a switch to put it on, a small comfy place to position it and since it heats up faster and is controlled, you can start cooking your food in minutes. Now give all your valuable time to your loved ones and throw the best of the barbeque sessions every day.

Safety Standards

Do you regret all those grill parties you missed because of your worry upon your kids playing around those exposed flames? Glen glass grill is 100% safe method, as it uses the infrared technology to heat up the ceramic glass, and since it is easy to handle and you can anytime keep it out of the reach of children. Since you can control the temperature it is never scalding hot and thus makes it safer for you as well. Thus, using of electric glass grill, you will neither be burnt by the flying up ash and you will not worry about the coke fire being extinguished by the water droplets from some vegetables.

Easy to clean

The conventional grills are not only technically difficult to operate but also require a huge effort to clean. Wait for the hot charcoal/grill to cool down and then plan a precise cleaning process. Glen glass grill values your time and gives you an easy to clean method. Once you are through with cooking the food, just pour water over heated glass and it is ready to be reused. You can even wipe the glass with any normal dishwashing liquid and a sponge later on.

Energy Saver

A smart homemaker tries all the best possible ways to save money and use it wisely. By bringing Glen glass grill home, you have taken a savior decision as this uses less electricity as compared to other electric grills. The vertical infrared technique helps to spread heat uniformly and cooks the food deeper. Since its high efficient heating method serves you with hot food in just minutes, you obviously save on your electricity bill. Remember money saved is money earned.


Glen glass grill uses no coke and burns no oxygen in the cooking process. The food is prepared with the safe infrared technology and thus it doesn’t emit any toxic fumes unlike usual grills. So there are no chances of you getting exposed to flames, carbon dioxide or suffocating smoke. This makes it 100% safe to environment by creating no pollution or emitting any chemical.

Pocket Friendly

You can avail this amazing appliance at a very cost effective price of at Rs. 13,990/- and one year warranty, + 2 year additional warranty on the product if you register yourself on Glen glass grill is surely the best deal to grab right away.

Why Glen Glass grill is the right choice?

Glen Glass grill any day is a smarter option over conventional grills, as it is easy, compact and lets you cook in leisure. The high efficient infrared heating method not only heats the glass quickly in fact you can also enjoy a proper cooked barbeque. The carbon fiber tubes inside the grill operate at 1200 W and thus this directly transfers the heat to the food rather than preheating the glass and then glass to heat the food. The food preparation is simple and effortless. Cook your chicken steak directly on the ceramic glass at the right temperature which goes up till 250 degrees and cooks food much faster and proper. Charcoal grills often present you a pungent food and may be the excess smoke can make the taste even bitter. In case of other electric grills the food prepared on cheap Teflon plates often mix the other unwanted chemicals which makes them more harmful.

No more extra layers of oil, no more hassled operating of the equipment and no more burnt food, these entire features make Glen glass grill an easy appliance. The heavy duty structure of traditional grills often make them better placed outside, but Glen glass grill is a portable appliance with an elegant finish and modish design. You can simply keep it at any place with a power socket without worrying about your décor to be interrupted with any old junked looking equipment at your home. Since it emits no fumes and toxins, on a bad weather day it can be easily used indoors. Everything about this product is all about safety and healthy taste, thus making it a modern necessity. A dynamic and opulent appliance with exquisite features is what Glen Glass Grill is about. So don’t wait and buy a perfect answer to all your Grill & Barbeque myths and brag about this new and uber-cool contemporary gadget at your place.

Go GA-GA over Grill Food!

The modern hectic lifestyle doesn’t allow us to sit back and enjoy even a single meal of our day. But nothing can be more relaxing, than having a Sunday brunch with family and friends at your place. And when you plan a barbecue and grill party on a freezing winter noon at your home, the day becomes extraordinary. Then suddenly pops the big question, WHO IS GOING TO BELL THE CAT? As we all are acquainted that barbecue is a work of patience and a brave management of scattered things. Albert Einstein quoted “Barbecue that is really great and inspiring is created by the individual who can labor in freedom” and you thought it will be a relaxing Sunday brunch? But now get delighted and throw a barbecue bash every day. As a Glass Grill is an ingenious innovation in the world of grills appliances that you cannot resist. Bring home a Glass Grill which is handy, stylish and easy to use.


Since the modern kitchens are getting smarter and much healthier, we all wish to have dexterous inventions to serve us healthy and flavorful meals with ease. The Glen Glass Grill comes with a ceramic glass top which grills your food in minutes not hours. The biggest problem faced in a traditional grill is that it takes a lot of effort to control the flames to cook food properly. But a glass grill comes with a heat control knob to easily moderate the temperature required to cook a particular food. This is an appliance which will be loved by every modern woman who believes in an independent and healthy lifestyle. A Glass Grill has been designed to prepare food with less or no oil. The glass keeps the juices and nutrients of the food preserved within, hence you get an original taste of whatever you eat as the flavor from food doesn’t drip. In-fact while grilling any non- veg food, the released fat is not lost. Instead the food gets cooked in its own fat thereby using no oil. So this is a perfect appliance taking care of your family as you serve them your love and much nutritious food with no oil. Eggs, bacon, paneer tikka, fish, dosa , steaks , chicken all these appetizing meals you can prepare in minutes and thus you add wings to your life. Which means, if you often used to miss the early morning breakfast in hurry and compromised by having corn flakes? Now you can cook a tastier and healthy morning meal quickly and not miss the most important meal of the day. With this glass grill now make any grill item quickly and relish the flavorful delicacies. Unlike the conventional grills the food has no bitter charcoal taste, has no chances of getting burnt or over cooked and is much flavored.

As they say, Big Things Come in Small Packages, Glen glass grill comes in a stylized flat bed shaped compact design combined with the new green energy saving environmental protection barbecue concept. Its aesthetic design makes it best suitable to match up your contemporary modular kitchen decor. Not just this, on a bad weather day, you can simply use it in interiors and still enjoy the best savory as it emits less smoke, no chemicals and no toxic fumes at all. The ceramic glass is scratch less and easy to clean, as you can just wash it with water and it is ready to be reused. The outer handles are safe-to-the-touch and help you touch the grill for an easy cooking. The scrapper that comes with the product helps you to cook the food from both sides uniformly.

George Bernard Shaw said “There is no Love sincerer than the love of food” and if you do believe the same, there is no better option than a Glass Grill for the real foodies. The Glass Grill combines the advantages of instant heating and high-performance glass-ceramic materials to inspire the next generation of grills for the benefit of home cooks and chefs everywhere. It is safe to use and extremely fast and easy to clean which gives clear benefits in terms of energy savings and increased productivity in the kitchen. Eat as much as you can, cook as much as you want and eat healthy, save time, save energy with this modish glass grill designed for a smarter cooking.


More Information on Glen can be sourced at our website.

Almond Fruit Smoothie Recipe

Cooking Time: 10 Minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Recipe Type: Veg.
Serves: 2


  • 1 Peeled Banana (chopped & frozen)
  • 2 tbsp Slivered Almonds (toasted)
  • 2 cup Orange Juice
  • 1 cup Frozen Peaches

How to make Almond Fruit Smoothie:

  • Put frozen banana and peaches in a blender. Blend until it smoothens.
  • Now, pour orange juice to form a smooth blend.
  • Pour the smoothie into tall glass and top the drink with almonds before serving.

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