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Gifting Ideas from Glen

The ideal gift is one which has reason behind the emotions gifted. Normally you would like to select a gift for your loved ones which they cherish for long time. Choosing ideal gifts is a real tough job.

Glen makes your job a little easier, wrap your feelings this festive season with gifting Ideas from us ; serve perfection and elegance to your gifting basket.

Glen Mini Chopper

Glen Mini Chopper

The Glen Mini Chopper is not just convenient to operate but is also sturdy and reliable. This has Stainless Steel blade for quick chopping results. One can easily chop nuts, onions, crush ice cubes and even make a fine tomato puree. With an easy push start you can put an end to the time taking chopping actions. Beat eggs in the chopper and make tasty omelets for breakfast without using any spare bowl or whisk, and thus keeping yourself free from the dish cleaning hassles. add-to-cart

Induction cooker ultra slim

Glen Induction Cooker

It’s the age of compact and sleek designs. Your world has now come down to have less and act more. So here it is Glen induction cooker 3079 Ultra Slim, a sleek and plush device which serves your cooking requirements like a professional. This smart appliance saves Energy & Sensor Touch Controls makes it easy to operate.



Blender Grinder 4045

Glen Blender Grinder

Why we call it an ideal gift is because this tiny appliance can do wonders in your kitchen life.  Glen blender Grinder serves a complete functionality to your wet and dry grinding requirements. Make chutney, grind home made fresh spices just in minutes with this small appliance in minutes.add-to-cart

Contact Grill 3031

Glen Contact Grill

Homemade good quality professional grill for that extra crisp grilled sandwich or a Grilled fish or mouth watering Paneer Shashlik, now comes easy. All this is possible with Glen Contact Grill. This can be an ideal gift in case someone is fond of having grilled food over fried food.



 Glass Grill 3035

GL 3035

Looking for an innovative new product to surprise the one you love? Impress everyone with your unique choice of selecting Glen Glass Grill. Now Prepare healthy, oil free and tasty proportions for your day and enjoy them with all the flavors with Glen Glass grill. The bottom line is that grilling is better alternative than frying foods especially vegetables, chicken and meat. The taste and nutritive content of chicken can be enjoyed the best in the form of snacks or fast food with healthy grilled food options such as grilled sandwiches, grilled chicken salads and grilled Panini. No more extra layers of oil, no more hassled operating of the equipment and no more burnt food, these entire features make a glass grill an easy appliance.add-to-cart

Food processor 4052

Glen Food Proccessor

Who would not want a perfect kitchen assistant serving to your food preparation needs? Gift a complete kitchen solution to the one you care for with Glen food processor. It is an ideal answer to you chopping, blending, juicing and mixing needs. This “one man show” product is what any kitchen must have. The multifunctional Glen food processors are versatile kitchen machines designed to make working in the kitchen fast, convenient and pleasant. It takes care of all your pre-cooking tasks, making them simple and convenient. It chips, chops, slices, shreds, whisks, kneads, shreds coconut and does much much more with a complete range of high-quality accessories and blender jar for an almost infinite range of food processing tasks.add-to-cart

You promise an unconditional smile on the faces of your loved ones and we promise you to keep it intact with our products.

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Enjoy the Freedom of Space; Freedom of cooking more

Img Courtsey: moretonhampstead

Img Courtsey: moretonhampstead

Most of the Indian Kitchens are equipped with heavy and big utensils for large sized families. In normal cooktops cooking parallely on all the burners was not possible, as the utensils often clash thereby making the placement uneasy.Looking into this problem Glen has introduced a new Three Burner Glass Cooktop where the centre distance between all the three burners is a minimum of 30 CM with the result one can use all the three burners simultaneously.

Now indulge in style cooking, with a taste of perfection and unbeatable performance with the new Glen Glass Cook top 1038 GT & enjoy the freedom of space with all the three burners can be used in conjunction. With toughened glass, this Cooktop finds a new visually attractive setting and the practical advantages of a modern material.

1038 Glass cooktop defines state of an art technology for a convenient cooking. Here are few reasons which make this product a revolutionary innovation:

  1. Matt Finish stainless steel body with Glass top gives an elegant appearance and a strong performance. This is a result of better and precise workmanship.
  2. 8 MM thick Black toughened glass is resistant to scratches stains, impact and heat.
  3. The thick SS Body makes it more durable and sturdy in comparison to other glass cooktops available
  4. The design and aesthetics of this cooktop makes it a best fit for every kitchen and unbeatable match to any modern kitchen.
  5. This model is also available in Auto Ignition with an Italian Switch for easy operation.
  6. Matching the elegant looks the pressure die cast aluminum alloy burners add durability which lasts longer. These burners come with 5 years warranty, runs for longer time and have special holes, angled for higher thermal efficiency. Alloy burners don’t fade, do not crack and also doesn’t corrode.
  7. One high flame burner is given in the cooktop for much faster cooking results. So if you deep fry, you get better and quicker results without wasting gas and time.
  8. The 4.0MM thick strong and sturdy pan supports easily accommodate heavy vessels, which are generally used in Indian cooking style.
  9. The centre distance of minimum 300 MMgiven in the design gives you the freedom of space in your cooking. Enjoy a hassle free cooking, on all three burners without any worries. These have been designed to suit big size pans.
  10. Cook more and cook efficiently, as there are no sim offs and also alloy burners emit flames more effectively without any wastage, thereby giving much proper cooking results.
  11. The Bakelite heat resistant knobs make it much reliable in usage.


Truly a result of innovation. Glen cooktops come with stunning beauty, rich brush steel finish and sturdy performance to bring an advantageous cooking experience. Now cook easy and cook more as the modern cooking brings your kitchen a technological design to suit up your convenience in kitchen.

Change the MYTH; EAT and still be FIT


Img courtsey: homeworkoutchallenge

The changing lifestyles, the hectic schedules and the unhealthy eating patterns have driven us towards various health concerns. In the pursuit of finding that fitness we are often starving ourselves or spending a handsome amount on our gyms. But if considered seriously, we are still unable to find that inner health. And if you have tried everything, just change a bit of eating patterns, as the road to a healthy body starts from what you eat.

Intelligent eating is something we all must get introduced to. Discover a new healthy you by eating at regular intervals, in small portion and with righteous cooked meal. Diet or crash diet is becoming a rage amongst youngsters. In awe of looking fabulous, fitting into those skinny clothes, we have been trying all the hook and crook methods. Often we spot those slender bodies, which might fit best in their clothes but are actually not fit inside. Starving makes one deprived of the nutrients that body require. Easily we are pushing ourselves to various lifestyle oriented problems like diabetes, fatigue; low immunity etc. You must be acquainted with a bunch of your friends, who often indulge into binge eating in all the parties. Watching them not eat, we also often restrict ourselves from having those delightful savouries.Will it not be wonderful that all these we could enjoy at home, without any tension of that added oil or extra calories? Obviously this sounds like an impossible wish, but not now since a lot of companies are introducing appliances which endorse oil free cooking. Herein is an easy healthy eating plan, which one can introduce in their lives with the help of some smart appliances.

Start your day with fresh fruits and vegetable juices. Why not try a bottlegourd (gheeya) juice or Bittergourd (karela) juice, add a pinch of lemon and salt to it and give your mornings a healthy start. Both these juices help you control diabetes, cholesterol, BP and also helps in weight reduction.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And if you were missing it because of the time constraints, prepare morning dosas, eggs, toast etc in minutes and oil free. Add grilled chicken pieces to your breakfast with a slight barbeque dressing. Also party carefree, as you can now grill and barbeque your favourite recipes with less or no oil as well on a glass grill.

Do you know what keeps the JAPANESE fit and healthy? It is their habit of eating steamed food. One of the most important benefits of steamed food is that it being a slow process of cooking over high temperature sterilizes food and kills all the microbes and germs present in the food items. Food items that are steamed have their taste intact and can be enjoyed at their best. Moreover, some foods taste best when steamed. One of the chief benefits of steam food is the ease and simplicity with which it can be prepared. Steaming do not call for time consuming frying and fancy dressing.

Never miss your favourite snacks in evening, enjoy all of them and still not worry about adding those extra calories. As now the technology helps you make French fries, chicken, vegetarian patties for burgers stuffing, potato wedges, and roasted chicken simply by air frying not deep frying. Without adding any further oil, one can relish all the oil free snacks and party every day. So now you can munch the tasty bites anytime home and without adding any weight hassles.

Try and replace that white bread from market to home-made brown bread and multi grain breads. These are rich in fibre and gives strength as well. Make fresh, chemical free breads home with bread maker and take a healthy step towards your diet regime.

Brown bread sandwiches, vegetable sandwiches these all are perfect snacks replacements and often increase the metabolism. Make them easy and try new recipes in sandwich makers.

You can end your day by having sumptuous and oil free tandoori food all cooked and served perfectly in an electric tandoor. Not to forget paneer is also a good substitute for protein diet and also paneer tikka is everyone’s favourite snacking.

These simple preparations and adjustments in our daily diet plan can help us move towards a healthier us rather than leaner we. The idea is to eat smaller portions and at regular intervals, also eating oil free and healthy and fresh food daily. It is easier to obtain by adding some of the smart appliances available in market, and surely a less tiring way of keeping ourselves fit. Remember a healthy mind stays in a healthy body, so for a healthy thought eat wise and fresh.

Make Cooking a Child’s Play with Induction Cooktop

Img Courtsey: builddirect

Img Courtsey: builddirect

The urban kitchens are getting smarter and sorted every day. They are now equipped with appliances and tools which make life convenient and simplified. Whether a homemaker or a working women, with our regular presence in kitchen we all wish cooking to be fun and effortless. But our prolonged exposure to cooking gas and high heating flames makes cooking a strenuous task. Solution to all these unfavorable cooking conditions is an Induction Cooker.  It is a powerful cooking medium, just like or even better than gas. Unfold the bigger benefits of cooking on a small but a magical appliance called Induction.

Faster: There is no heat wastage as the energy is supplied directly to the cooking vessel unlike gas or conventional electric cookers where they end up heating your kitchen and you, instead of heating up the food. It has instant & precise heat control, unlike electric cooking where the elements take time to heat and cool, resulting in lack of proper control on the dishes being cooked.

Safer: Once you take the cookware off the hotplate, the device automatically switches to standby mode. High safety as no opens flames, no fire hazards, no gas leakages. The glass top stays cool that means no burnt fingers or hands.

Cleaner:  Space consuming cooktops, make it difficult to clean the food spills. One has to often indulge into heavy cleaning task of rubbing the pan supports and drip trays. An induction being compact and flat bedded is easy to clean with just a sponge wipe. This is ideal for working people, who wish to avoid clutter in kitchen.

Cheaper:  As Induction cooking is faster as compared to Cooking Gas, less energy is consumed for cooking. This not only saves time and energy but is also friendly on your pocket.

The easy to store and easy to manage feature, makes Induction cooker a favorite kitchen appliance. Regular stoves cannot change heat temperatures as quickly as an induction cooktop. Time and heat sensitive dishes can be ruined in a split second if the right temperature is not met. The induction cooktops have a precise temperature setting which allows you to switch from one heat setting to another at specific timeframes. The pre-set memory setting can pull up special cooking times and temperatures for the dishes you cook on a regular basis. So indulge into other chores while milk is boiling, as the auto cut off will not let it spill even if you are not paying attention. This interesting appliance is taking up a valuable space in the kitchens because of its efficient and dynamic usability. Bring home a user friendly appliance, which is an answer to you cooking hassles.

Choose from the wide range available with Glen India.

A Secret to Fresh & Healthy Mornings Revealed

healthy morning breakfast

Our mornings are incomplete without a healthy and sumptuous breakfast served to our taste buds. Be it brown bread, multi grain, whitebread, these all are necessary additions to our daily start. Bread being one such important element of our morning breakfast, we try and maintain a regular stock for bread at home. But in such a scenario we often land up eating stale, expired or may be chemically flavored breads.And we cannot deny that often we are not sure of the fact that the bread we are eating is fresh, hygienically prepared and doesn’t have any added preservatives. Remember, it only takes few important ingredients to make bread – flour, yeast, water, little sugar and salt, dry milk etc, there’s really no need for all that other additions.

So, wake up and shine to the aroma of fresh and hygienic bread, baked in your own kitchen every day, with Glen Bread Maker. Since the family health has a direct link with what you eat, so the Glen bread maker fits in perfectly for providing freshly baked bread with the best of the ingredients in your own supervision for that perfect morning start.

Glen Bread Maker is very easy to handle and has a fully automatic kneading and baking operation that helps preparing bread in around 3 hours. One has to just put the ingredients as per the recipe, and the desired bread will be ready. The 3.5 liter capacity of detachable non-stick pan, allows you to make 700 -1000 gms bread at one time and is also easy to clean. One can easily opt for the outer crust settings by pressing the color button. The crust option varies from light brown, brown and dark brown depending on requirement.While making raisin bread, audible tone signals time to add mix-ins such as nuts or fruit. So prepare fruit cake or garlic bread without any extra hassles of watching the bread in oven and then decide the time of add ons.

The best part is, this magnificent appliance comes with an easy to operate electronic digital panel to making the whole process a child’s play. The menu option on the panel helps you in selecting amongst the various choices of pre-settings available to serve different purposes with every press. It comes with 12 bread settings, which serves different purposes from choosing the bread type to making jam, cake or just pizza dough.

As bread is a breakfast meal addition, we all would wish to have this ready by 7 a.m. One can also set a delay timer to automatically start the machine on time and your bread is ready even before you wake up. Thus simply feed this smart machine with your requirement and get mingled in your other daily cores without any worry, as your bread will be automatically ready as and when you want.

It comes with easy to lift lid with a viewing glass window to check the status of your bread anytime with ease. The compact looks and design makes it easy to store. Not just this it even keeps your bread warm for one hour once it is made and if there is a delay in your breakfast table to set.

Bring home a wonderful experience of bakery’s fresh breads, cakes and jams, made from your health kitchen and serve your loved ones a delightful and healthy breakfast every day with Glen Bread Maker.

Glen bread maker

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“For An Ultimate Kitchen Experience“

Glen Mixer Grinder 4022, the award winning model, now goes one notch higher.

Glen introduces the tried and tested 4022 with a Glass Jar for the first time in India. A Glass Jar is more efficient in mixing and grinding results and has a plush design.

The Glass Jar is heavier so it is more stable and firm to the base than the normal Poly carbonate or stainless steel jar. The high quality Glass makes it food safe and omits the harmful effects of using unsafe plastic grades. Therefore while processing the food, the taste of the food doesn’t change and hence it is more hygienic to use. PC/Plastic Jar normally gets scratched over use and loses its transparency whereas the sheen and transparency in Glass Jar remains same.

The other features remains the same as in the trusted 4022:

  • 4022 mixer grinder has 3 Jars: Glass Liquidizer Jar, SS grinder and chutney Jars.
  • These jars are fitted with transparent unbreakable PC lids to monitor the food being processed.
  • The Liquidizer Glass Jar is for easy monitoring of the shakes being made because of transparency
  • The Stainless Steel Grinder jar has multipurpose grinding blade suitable for dry and wet grinding. It grinds the toughest of the dry ingredients in making a fine powder in minutes. It is also capable of any kind of wet grinding like Dal for Vada and rice for Dosa.
  • It is also equipped with an Overload protector mechanism to avoid any damage to the motor in the event of overloading of the Mixer Grinder.
  • With its powerful 750W motor it can even perform the toughest of grinding tasks like grinding dry spices, in a jiffy.
  • The blades are made of Food Grade 304 Stainless Steel, for super fine mixing and grinding results. They do not affect the food quality even when they get heated up.
  • The three speeds setting with pulse produces better grinding & blending experience with the utmost of convenience.
  • A five years warranty on motor adds an extended reliability to its versatile features.The compact and stylish looks of this mixer is an additional advantage to your kitchen.

Glen mixer grinder GL 4022 Glass Jar is easy to use and clean, offering you all-around convenience. And you can always rely on this to deliver excellent results. This is simply the best choice for your kitchen.

Kittylicious- Make your Kitty Party “A talk of Town” with Glen


Thinking about throwing a party to your best friends? A smart women party’s a smarter way. Party Glen way; plan it in healthy & Hygienic fashion. How about starting with an amazing platter of oil free servings, snacking high but low in fat and oil?

Arrange a stylish kitty at your place, and make an everlasting impression with Glen amazing smart appliances.  Make it easy and healthy in following way:

Start it Smart:

For the starters, introduce yourself with the concept of high oxidant green tea, brewed finely in our Glen Tea Maker GL 9010. An actual taste of tea is relished only if it is brewed for 3-4 minutes in hot water at 85°C to 90° C temperature. This brings out the original taste and aroma of tea, thereby making it more beneficial. Thus a fine brewing is that secret ingredient you were looking for that perfect cup of tea.

This Glen product makes the finest tea ever, as it comes with a detachable filter assembly given for the perfect brewing of your tea. Make tea and later use this kettle for your lavish tea servings. This stylish electric kettle is made of toughened glass and stainless steel body, for elegant looks and sturdy performance to enhance your presentation.

Snack it Up:

Have you been binge eating? Or avoiding all those favorite mouth watering snacks because they are deep fried? Now ease your taste buds, and make a mind blowing impact on your friends as Glen India launches it’s another health endorsing product Air Fryer GL 3041, which can make all the favorite snacks and fries up to 80% oil free.

Air fryer uses the rapid air technology which circulates the hot air with a great pressure and up to 200 degree Celsius temperature around food. This circulated air around the ingredients in the Air fryer, heats them up thereby resulting in food which is crusty outside and tender inside. Unlike the conventional deep fryers which use high quantity of oil to heat the food and make it crispy, the air fryer uses less or no oil to prepare food. Unpack the frozen food packet, put those delicious nuggets in the basket and simply air fry them. So if you are preparing French fries, potato wedges, nuggets make them easy and almost 80% fat free and serve healthy tasty snacks for your kitty. You can bake, grill, roast and fry with this dynamic air fryer.

Evening Barbeque:

Take your happening party to the next level. You have already conquered hearts with your optimistic approach towards healthy living.

Prepare quick, easy and oil free chicken tikkas, chicken satay, grilled fish, paneer tikkas with Glen Glass Grill GL 3033. Introduce to your party a Teppanyaki style of cooking which means cooking and eating at the same place. You can straightaway start cooking sausages, carrots, potatoes, eggplant, corn, green bell peppers on the grill plate and enjoy eating them simultaneously. Due to the pore-free and sealed ceramic Glass grilling surface, very minimal fat is required. While you cook your chicken, the fat doesn’t drip off unlike the old grills; in fact the flat bed glass uses that released fat as an oil medium to cook the same. Vitamins and minerals are not drawn out; foods retain their natural flavor and remain juicy and tender. This makes it possible to have a mellow, nutritive and low on fat grilled chicken effortlessly.

Whether you are a working women or a homemaker, you and your loved ones can now enjoy a healthy meal, to accompany a healthy lifestyle habits. If you thought partying was a curse to curbing your cravings then nothing can be better than Glen products. Prepare healthy, oil free and tasty proportions for your day and enjoy them with all the flavors.  Now party like a Rockstar and forget about calories, or call us @ 9266678985 for a free home demo for the above products, and let us make you Kitty party the talk of town.

If you have a kitty party of more than 15 ladies then call us to be a part of that and get a Free Gift.

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The modern appliances are making lives better and easier. The modern kitchens demand anything which is smart, easy to operate and reduces the kitchen workload conveniently. Considering the valuable space these kitchen appliances have taken in our lives, Glen introduced a wide range of rice cookers, which help you cook even while you are busy in other daily chores.

Rice is the most important dish of an Indian meal and is cooked very often. We all have been cooking rice the conventional way which is in a saucepan on gas stove. But that was an old fashioned way, as now one can avoid long expose to gas flames while cooking rice. Glen rice cooker helps in cooking rice in minutes. You just have to add rice along with measured water and press the button to start it on. When the cooking process is finished, the rice cooker automatically switches to keep warm mode. Thus you can serve them hot on the dinner table even later. You can cook risotto, steam vegetables, prepare soups and cake, all healthy, nutritive and easy to prepare. Steaming helps in preparing dishes without losing its nutrients which are generally washed in boiling process. A rice cooker cooks each grain of rice to perfection, without being either too firm or too soft, and never sticking.

Glen Rice cooker has a options available in a choice of 1.8 and 2.8 liter models to suit your individual or family needs.With a cool touch body and sleek handle they are most convenient and easy to carry. The non stick cooking pan makes cleaning fast and convenient. These smart cookers can also be used for steaming vegetables or to keep food warm. The thermostat feature prepares the rice on desired controlled temperature, thus they are cooked properly. The scheduled cooking keeps you free from the task of checking the rice again and again. In short a rice cooker not only shortens the time you spend in kitchen but also serves healthy and hot meals in minutes. Keep the freshness and nutrition preserved and enjoy the perfectly cooked rice without any tensions. 

Stay Fit, Choose a Healthy & Easy Grilled Food Diet

Delicious and Healthy In minutes









The highs of our lives now begin with the word LOW”, low sugar, low calories, low FAT. The fast pace of our day activities often make us compromise on all of these. Thus we are getting more prone to health problems like high cholesterol, diabetes, obesity thereby resulting hypertension and other deadly diseases. In order to have a healthy life we all opt for paying heavy amounts at gyms and dietitians. A regime which is often very strict and difficult to adopt regularly, hereby we end up giving up all of our hopes.

But not now, as a “Low Oil Grilled Food diet”, which has been said to be the most delicious, nutritious and a fat free is available to you in minutes. By choosing foods that are low in fat, high in nutrients and full of flavor you can get great meals that are also healthy. This all must sound like a rumor to you, as we know that the conventional grilling methods are also painful subscriptions to our daily routine. A solution to this is, the new stylish, compact and reliable Glass Grill, which is now available in markets to serve to your all barbecue cravings.

Make Grill food in minutes, with Low oil

Glass grill any day is a smarter option over conventional grills, as it is easy, compact and lets you cook in leisure. It comes in a Stainless Steel body and handles for easy handling and a toughened glass top which has carbon fiber heating elements beneath. The efficient infrared heating method heats the glass quickly and its vertical direct heating makes a properly cooked grilled food. The carbon fiber heating elements inside the grill operate at 800 W and this directly transfers the heat to the food. Thus the food preparation is simple, fast and effortless. Cook the chicken steak directly on the ceramic glass at the right temperature which goes up till 250 degrees and you can control the temperature as well.

Due to the pore-free and sealed ceramic Glass grilling surface, very minimal fat is required. While you cook your chicken, the fat doesn’t drip off unlike the old grills; in fact the flat bed glass uses that released fat as an oil medium to cook the same. Vitamins and minerals are not drawn out; foods retain their natural flavor and remain juicy and tender. This makes it possible to have a mellow, nutritive and low on fat grilled chicken effortlessly. As you cook your chicken in just a pinch of oil, you can make a healthy grilled chicken sandwich and add it to your daily breakfast menu. Enjoy some popular grilled food items which include grilled paneer, grilled meat, marinated grilled vegetables, smoked sausage, grilled chicken, roasted fish and grilled mushroom dishes. It would be rather better to say that with a little imagination and clever use of ingredients, you can device your own ways of cooking healthy grilled food. Add all the peppers, flavors and sauces and eat them without any tensions as you are eating all your favorite veggies and proteins almost fat free. So switch to healthy grilled food if you really want to relish a good taste while not compromising on your health!


Whether you are a working women or a homemaker, you and your loved ones can now enjoy a healthy meal, to accompany a healthy lifestyle habits. If you thought dieting was a curse to your taste buds and was all about being hungry, then nothing can be better than a glass grill. Prepare healthy, oil free and tasty proportions for your day and enjoy them with all the flavors. The bottom line is that grilling is better alternative than frying foods especially vegetables, chicken and meat. The taste and nutritive content of chicken can be enjoyed the best in the form of snacks or fast food with healthy grilled food options such as grilled sandwiches, grilled chicken salads and grilled Panini. No more extra layers of oil, no more hassled operating of the equipment and no more burnt food, these entire features make a glass grill an easy appliance. A glass grill is a portable appliance with an elegant finish and modish design. You can simply keep it at any place with a power socket without worrying about your décor to be interrupted. Since it emits no fumes and toxins, it can be easily used indoors and is much hygienic and healthy option. Everything about this product is all about safety and healthy taste, thus making it a modern necessity. A dynamic and opulent appliance with exquisite features is what a Glass Grill is about. The scraper along with this product lets you change the position of the food timely and hence cooks it uniformly. Scrap out all the leftover oil or sticky food chunks onto the detachable and easy to clean spill tray. Also clean it simple and in minutes by just pouring the water on heated glass and scrapping out the residues. So don’t wait and buy a perfect answer to all your health worries and feel happy with the all new FIT YOU.

Endorse a healthy Living as Glen introduces a revolutionary new product in the world of cooking with its efficient Glen Glass Grill 3035. This is a new magnificent grilling device over traditional grills discovered after a lot of research and tests, and is more safe and succulent.

It comes with a 12 setting temperature control knob for a better and uniform cooking uptil 250 degrees and with 800 W infrared power. This Glen Glass Grill comes in a Stainless Steel body and a black colored ceramic Glass which is scratch resistant.

This is a perfect substitute to your tiring Gym schedules, as you can make a mouth watering grill diet everyday and in minutes, be it roast chicken salad or a grill fish.

Your best friend in KITCHEN; Glen Mini Chopper

Gone were the days when the biggest kitchen hassle used to be managing all the chopping work putting meticulous effort and time. Cutting and shredding the vegetables was not only messy but also a tedious task. Understanding the requirements of a modern woman, Glen introduced mini chopper GL 4043 a dynamic product to do cutting, chopping & whipping in seconds. Bring all your last minute hurry worry to an ease, as you now have a best kitchen assistance to help you with the most difficult tasks quicker.

Chop anything in Jify

Like they say big things come in small packages, Glen mini chopper is a small daily use appliances, you can chop onions for making the curries, chop cauliflower to make stuffed paranthas or make butter out of cream in a jiffy. Chop onions, tomatoes, cucumber and then add curd, give a rotation again to blend it, add salt to taste and your vegetable raita is ready to be served.

The Glen Mini Chopper is not just convenient to operate but is also sturdy and reliable. This has rust free stainless steel blade for quick chopping results. One can easily chop nuts, onions, crush ice cubes and even make a fine tomato puree. With an easy push start you can put an end to the time taking chopping actions. Beat eggs in the chopper and make tasty omelets for breakfast without using any spare bowl or whisk, and thus keeping yourself free from the dish cleaning hassles. The high quality food grade transparent polycarbonate bowl aids in clear visibility so that you can attain the desired chopping results.

Glen Mini chopper 4043 plus comes with an extra bowl, to help you chop and store simultaneously. Make Mint Chutney and keep it in the fridge for a later use. This also prevents flavor mixing if you want to chop onions for the main dish and strawberries for a custard sweet dish. The bowls are made of good quality food grade Polycarbonate material and do not give away any bad smell to the food stored.

For a working woman and even a housewife this smart appliance works wonders in kitchen, as it is fast and easy in handling the most tedious chopping acts which one often wish to avoid but are necessary. Glen mini chopper has resulted in safe kitchen actions, as your hands are completely safe from the fear of having cuts while cutting the vegetables. Imagine the wholesome convenience this small chopper brings into your kitchen, for an easy and efficient cooking. Now save time, energy and reduce the work pressure, as this easy to use chopper is indeed your best helping hand in kitchen and we are sure you would never wish to lose this best friend ever because of its dynamic utilities.